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Here’s how to achieve the crystal makeup trend that is EVERYWHERE in 2022?

The way the show HBO Euphoria inspired us all to try bold makeup looks will go down as one of the most influential moments in the beauty world.

Doni Davy, the show’s mastermind behind the show’s stunning looks, started a wave of people who added jewels and crystals to their otherwise simple makeup to give it a fun, youthful, and sparkly edge. And with the return of the second season and the start of a new year, the crystal eye makeup can only become more popular this year.

Beauty trend: Crystals in the eyes

According to the Pinterest report, there has been a 110% increase in searches for crystal eye makeup over the past year. The platform predicts that the makeup trend will only continue to skyrocket in searches, making 2022 a brighter and sparklier year — well, at least when it comes to makeup.

Crystal eye makeup isn’t just pretty to look at. It’s also versatile, whether it’s completely makeup your look with a dazzling eyeliner or adding a single crystal in the inner corner of the eye for some pep. And celebrities love it too – Dua Lipa, Storm Reid and Amanda Gorman.

So how can someone who has never tried crystal eye makeup get into the trend? How to apply jewelry, what are the right places to put it and how to remove it without irritating the skin? We asked celebrity makeup artists to answer all of our questions.

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