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Here’s how to dress on trend in 2022 after 40

Often categorized by default, in the category of boring clothes, the clothes that some women forties allow themselves, are in reality – and generally – false friends. The charges against them? Their unrewarding appearance, and the total lack of originality. Between oversized cuts, dull colors that exude boredom, or even materials memorizing… This clothing catalog is not the reference that deserves our attention after 40 years.

Vibrant colors to awaken our complexion, through tight cuts ideal to enhance our shapes… These are the stylistic details that truly correspond to us, and which will captivate the crowd of admirers. Thus, let’s ban shoes, accessories and clothes that do not comply with the rules of the street style, to focus our interest on the fashion trends 2022 that will transform our look, for the best and for style.

Fashion after 40: how to dress trendy in 2022?

In the fashion game, we place our trust in the experts forties, which are setting trends before the general public has even considered them. Dressing gown knitwear, vinyl coats, quilted skirts, cropped cardigans, structured overshirts, slingbacks and fur jackets just have to watch out.

Dare to color

We can never repeat it enough, but color is the very essence of a refreshing wardrobe. In other words, bet on colors of clothes luminous allows us to bring a radiance to our silhouette, and rejuvenate when you are over 40. Our credo? Orange, Very Peri as announced by Pantone this year, pink, mimosa yellow, baby blue, carmine red.

Mix styles

If there is one piece of advice the editors can give to forties in the process of taking the plunge on the style side, it is not to hesitate to mix the different styles together. For example, we think of mixing classic or even BCBG clothes with sportswear clothes and accessories, to carve out a casual business woman look.

Say yes to tight clothes

What outfit would be better placed than a pencil skirt to highlight our past assets 40 years ? Moreover, regardless of our age, this skirt stands out as the most rewarding of all, because of its high waist, its tapered cut which flares out very slightly below the knees to reveal our legwork. .

Focus on details

From the cargo pants and their multipockets, to the ruffled blouse and the black pointed-toe Slingbacks… Every fashion detail counts to make the style difference.

Wear a monochromatic outfit

After 40 years, and even before, sporting a monochromatic outfit is one of the best cards to play to win the fashion game. Because as trendy as it is, a coordinated outfit from head to toe is a bonus, the pledge to lengthen any silhouette. But be careful to mix trendy clothes, like a faux fur coat, straight jeans or split pants, and sneakers to modernize the whole.

Dare to sequins

Without discounting a disco ball effect, the idea is to pick from our special party and evening fashion wardrobe, a dress or a sequined accessory to make the difference. We refer primarily to a sequined skirt, a sequined bag as Prada inspires us, a metallic bag, or even silver socks. Then, we combine everything with sober but modern fashion pieces, to temper the disco effect.

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