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here’s how to look stylish in sneakers at 30

It’s hard to deny the obvious, because whether we admit it or not, sneakers do indeed sit as absolute mistresses in the shoesing of any self-respecting fashion lover, but not only. From women to men, including children, sneakers attract the favor of all lovers of the extreme comfort that these all-terrain shoes promise.

Only, and because the whole of Paris -even the whole world- treads the pavement equipped with sneakers, it is essential to appropriate them in our own way to stand out. Thus, it is after having presented a retrospective of the most beautiful way of wearing sneakers over the past 50 years, that our Fashion Journalist is now busy depicting the most sensational outfits in which the women of 30 years will find inspiration.

Sneakers: how to wear sneakers past 30?

The number one trick to have style in sneakers pass 30 years is above all not to deny yourself anything. In other words, don’t hesitate to use disconcerting – but always controlled – combinations of clothes and accessories to boost the fashion quotient of sneakers. In this way, the look sportswear of these flat shoes will be dosed with elegance by associating with the style tailoring which partly boils down to preppy, chic clothes.

Dare to color

A golden rule in 2022, since wearing color is not only the fashion gimmick that can brighten up an entire outfit, rejuvenate our style, but also and above all prove that we follow trends closely. And for good reason, this year, the time has come for the invigorating chromatic palettes to awaken the wardrobes of fashionistas who wish to make an impression. The idea? Profile sneakers coloured, monochrome or multicolored and twist them with a neutral base – jeans, a black dress… – then enhance their tones with equally colorful clothes.


In a previous article, we introduced you to neo-tailoring. This hybrid style allowing to merge the styles street wear and BCBG to become one. In 2022, this revolutionary fashion trend remains one of the most suitable for wearing sneakers in style at 30, but not only. The trick? Combine immaculate sneakers with high socks, then tights, cycling shorts or jogging as if you were just coming out of an intensive sports session, then complete the look with chic basics from the wardrobe at home. like a blazer.

All-Terrain Feminine Style

Contrary to popular belief, yes, the skirt is one of the best allies for rubbing shoulders with sneakers when you’re a fashionista that nothing and no one can stop. The ideal combo? A high-waisted and resolutely enhancing pencil skirt, associated with a shirt or a blouse street wearall combined with sneakers that look stylish.

Optical illusion

What’s better than a hoodie oversized to cover our favorite summer dress and make it look like a skirt in winter? It is in any case the fashion advice that you could be given to inject an extra dose of style into your sneakers if you are in your thirties, well in your shoes.

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