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Here’s how to make your scent last longer, according to this TikTok tip

Here’s how it usually happens: You treat yourself to a scent for its carefully chosen notes of tangerine and sandalwood and enthusiastically spray it on your pulse points to dissipate on your morning coffee break. It’s frustrating, but you’re also afraid to put on too much and become that person. Thanks to TikTok’s world of beauty tips, there is a simple solution that will allow you to smell your favorite scent throughout the day.

TikTok trend: a fragrance that lasts all day

How to make your perfume last longer? According to TikTok, all you need is a jar of Vaseline. Just spread a thin layer of the product on your pulse points, then spray your perfume on top. The idea is that the ointment will hold your scent much longer than your skin would. And beauty experts confirm it.

Nicole Simpson, graduate esthetician and founder of Amethyst Skincare, says perfume needs a carrier in the form of lipids (or oils). “Vaseline is often used as a base for perfumes for this exact reason,” she tells Bustle. “It’s so high in lipids that it acts like a sticker, retaining the scent on the skin for as long as possible. “

You don’t necessarily need Vaseline for the hack. Applying your favorite lotion or body cream will accomplish the same goal. Simpson recommends looking for ones that contain avocado or olive oil, which are two botanical extracts that are high in fat.

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