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here’s how to wear denim pants with style past 50

Impossible. It is impossible that we have not succumbed at least once in our life to denim pants. Only, few of us really know the history of jeans, from which we subtract far too often its “s” signature, to write it falsely ” Jeans “. What is good to know? the Jeans spelled as such, does not refer to trousers, but is actually a fabric made from cotton, wool, or linen yarns and sometimes hemp. the jeans meanwhile, refers to the trousers in cotton that we know today, but which in its beginnings was overtrousers woven from the “jeans” fabric that cowboys wore in the Far West.

Jeans: how to wear denim pants past 50?

Since jeans continues to be a hit, especially among women, who continue to appropriate this utilitarian garment to raise it to the rank of fashion trend perpetual. Thus, from youth, to adolescence, through adulthood, jeans accompany each of us to live the most significant moments of our lives, and are passed down from generation to generation so as not to lose any of their charm. authentic. And if some fifties wrongly think that denim pants are aimed primarily at new generations of trendy girls, here is a good reason to prove that after 50 years, the jeans has lost none of its brilliance, quite the contrary.

Tailor spirit

It is in big followers of the trend adaptation that we are following in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham, she too being an avowed fan of this hype clothing. The idea of ​​composition of look? Pair high-waisted jeans -straight, boyfriend, flare or bootcut- with pumps, a basic t-shirt or jumper and warm up the outfit with a blazer oversized as if drawn from the men’s locker room.

double jeans

No doubt we have already adopted it in the past, but the “double denim” trend is resurfacing for good in 2022. The trick to adopting it? Mix several denim pieces together to play tone on tone, and create the perfect mix and match of materials.

mix and match

What happens when you combine various diametrically opposed styles of clothing and accessories? A look worthy of a fashionista. And it is the fashion trick that inspires us this time the sublime fifties Grece Ghanem twisting her jeans ripped with chunky combat boots, as well as a lilac jacket and a floral top to counterbalance with a touch of romance.


Because they sign their stylistic resurrection, these strap shoes which are characterized by a minimalist heel of less than 5 cm, are all found allies for 50-year-old women who want to enhance their jeans. The extra touch of style? Roll up the hems of the pants to show off the ankles and pumps.

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