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here’s how to wear sneakers to look stylish after 50

It is after having marked a certain pause on the outfits sported by the women in the street, that we have come to this conclusion: sneakers are indeed the shoes that retain all the troops of fashionistas. No matter our ageour morphology, our style or our budget, we all succumb at least once in our life – in reality much more than that – to these all-terrain shoes, enhanced by a look sportswear.

The main reasons? The extreme comfort that sneakers promise and which allows you to be comfortable in all circumstances. In the background, we particularly appreciate their ability to adapt, since the baskets go well with any room in our fashion wardrobe. From BCBG darted trousers, to the pencil skirt, via a bohemian dress… Each fetish or trendy garment signs the perfect match, in summer associated with our baskets favourites. And to follow in the footsteps of the trendiest fashion experts, let’s review the best ways to wear these competition shoes.

How to wear sneakers past 50?

Spirit adaptation

What could be better than pleated trousers to bring a touch of elegance to sneakers? Priority is given to high-waisted, monochrome or checkered tailored pants, which are associated with a turtleneck, for double efficiency.

Mix styles

The trick to wearing sneakers past 50 is to give credibility to their sporty aesthetic by twisting them with classic and stylish clothes and accessories. We think of a striped shirt, a beige trench coat, a black blazer jacket, or even a the bag to be worn over the shoulder.

mix and match

Contrary to popular belief, jogging bottoms are the obvious alternative to tailored pants, which sometimes lack a bit of spontaneity. Thus, we reverse the trend by combining our sneakers with a tracksuit and a blazer oversized coordinated, for maximum originality. All this, making sure to roll up the hems of the jogging.

With a dress

No, sneakers are not just meant to be worn with jeans and other full coverage pants. And for good reason, dresses are the obvious alternatives when you want to enhance your legs, without taking the risk of spraining your ankle with heels.

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