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here’s how to wear the trendiest color for winter 2022

Of all colorswe will retain only the best, if not the vert green. A gentle contraction of forest green and neon who thus steals the show from the late Pink and Orange, which had hitherto been popular. The reason ? The batch of fashion journalists, stylists and other fashionistas who appropriated this color singular, in order to refresh their wardrobe day wear this winter.

Thus, it is under the impetus of this armada of fashion pros that the green-popsupplants all its adversaries of colorsto associate with purple very perished, or to travel solo. Review of the most beautiful outfits inspired by Pinterest.

Fashion trend: how to wear green in 2022?

L’trick to wear green without crashing this year? Wear it as a total look, or as a touch by betting on a single green centerpiece, which will electrify an entire outfit. For example, we grab a green wool bathrobe coat, which we associate with imitation leather clothes in order to mix the different textures and colors.

Another option, we follow the trend gorpcorewhich partly boils down to the style Outside of the 1990s, and whose gorpe is the acronym for “good, oats, raisins, peanuts “. Either an energy mix suitable for hikers, and “ heart » which aligns with « hardcore “. In summary it is a question of wearing technical and comfortable clothing, as does for example Hailey Bieberwarmed up in a neon green parka, joggers and dad shoes.

In 2022, there is also talk of bringing the green way adaptation by wearing your choice of a blazer, a coordinated suit, or darted trousers tinted by this color, in order to uninhibit its preppy look. All this while betting on eye-catching accessories, such as futuristic sunglasses, platform boots or even handbags. casual-chic. As you will have understood, the fashion trick is therefore to mix styles to bring out the radiance of the green of our clothes, without the other pieces of our outfit stealing the show.

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