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here’s the perfect visceral fat-busting dress fit for all body types!

Held responsible for many complex with the fairer sex, abdominal curvesand in particular visceral fat, however, have the means to be camouflaged effectively using clothes. And for good reason, the visceral fate, or “abdominal fat which is characterized by the part of the adipose tissue housed under the muscles of the abdominal wall, can be erased if you put on the right clothes. This time, the devotion of the editorial staff is cast on a dress cut in particular, who has the ability to make a flat belly to whom wears it. Her name ? The empire dressof which here is the portrait.

Flat stomach: the perfect dress cut to effectively reduce visceral fat

Who says spring-summerusually says a lot of novelties, except that this year, the modosphere fishes out a historic dress from its dressing room, the empire dress. A singular cut that conceals multiple assets to enhance the body of the women who choose it. To recognize her? Nothing could be simpler since it is a generally long dress, whose bustier enhances the chest, and whose cut flares out from below the breasts. Enough to sculpt a resolutely slender look that allows it to camouflage the round belly. Moreover, it is a dress with bridal inspirations, which brides particularly appreciate for their marriagein view of the many good morphological points that the empire dress.

The empire dress: a dress cut suitable for all body types

If it flatters small breasts more than very large breasts, the empire dress corresponds to all body shapes, and more particularly to women with an “O” cut. In other words, those who have some curves at the level of the belly, and who thanks to the empire dress will be able to hide them with ease. The morphological signatures in “A” recognizable by straight shoulders and wide hips, are also the perfect candidates to wear this trendy dress since the latter will rebalance the silhouette by bringing desirable volume to the bust. For their part, the “H” morphologies whose size is very little marked, will be delighted to learn that the empire dress is the object of desire that they lacked to taper their silhouette.

Which empire dress to choose to enhance your silhouette in spring-summer 2022?

For the spring-summer 2022, the special empire dress shopping session inevitably goes through our favorite ready-to-wear labels. In its wardrobe, Zara reinvents the appearance of this star dress from the years 1795 to 1820, referring to the French Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais. Relieved of its traditional bodice, this new generation empire dress is structured thanks to a bustier ending just below the bust, in order to highlight the chest and flatten the belly without compressing it. On the sidelines, Maje in turn reinterprets the empire dress keeping its balloon sleeves and giving it the look of a modern day nightie. As for the Parisian brand Claudie Pierlot, there is no question of giving up the floral print, which completely lines its special spring-summer 2022 empire dress.

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