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here’s THE secret to the first lady’s voluminous blow-dry

It’s a fact: the beauty of the first lady fascinates and we would steal the secret of her always perfect capillary look… Voluminous as desired! No matter the weather conditions – rain, snow or wind – Brigitte Macron always displays flawless hair!

Brigitte Macron: What is the secret of her brushing signing?

If she happens to raise her blond square in an elegant banana bun, the former professor of letters has been able to make her famous brushing her signature hairstyle!

Volumizing shampoo, texturizing spray, thickening leave-in treatment… If the tricks that make it possible to give volume to the hair are numerous; it is clear that the one adopted by Brigitte Macron is particularly effective! But then, what could be the secret of its invulnerable volume? The latest revelations to date lead one to believe that it is a question of… hair extensions!

Indeed, in the lines of Paris Match, a long portrait retracing the journey of the first lady has been published. The opportunity for Brigitte Macron to deliver some of her beauty secrets…

Her extensions that she talks about so naturally »

Regarding the hair of the president’s wife, it is written: ” A finely woven golden helmet of her extensions that she speaks of so naturally”. No doubt, here is the secret of Brigitte Macron’s volume (which is no longer one)!

In 2018, the magazine Closer had already underlined an evocative detail inscribed in the recruitment announcement of the hairdresser / make-up artist of the Elysée. The latter effectively stipulated that it was necessary to be able to “style a woman wearing extensions”

It’s official: we now know what Brigitte Macron owes her dream volume to… As well as the teasing that her friends throw at her, like: “ when are you quitting barbie doll” !

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