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here’s where to find the most popular spring-summer models

As hard to find as a needle in a haystack, a cargo pants is deserved. Because if after tracking down the perfect model, no multi-pocket trousers does not meet your selection criteria, the candidates present here will all win your vote.

Because he was able to acclimatize to seasonal temperatures, the cargo pants is once again becoming a spring fashion staple. Proof of this is the recent craze encountered on TikTok for cargo pants straight out of the clothes racks of the sports and leisure brand, Decathlon. From there, it seems impossible to deny the obvious: this garment is gathering its troops to form an armada of fashionistas who will not leave its ranks.

Among the new recruits? Emili Sindlev opting for a denim version small size, which the Scandinavian associates with a wool bustier and a light cardigan to ensure a cool look. At the editorial office, we also validate the clothing proposal made by Chloé Harrouche aka @Loouloudesaison who, for her part, is surfing on the double denim trend. Understand as well, that the stylist coordinates her cargo pants with a matching shirt.

Cargo pants: the fashion trend that steals the show from traditional jeans

If the cargo pants attracts the crowd of amateur or confirmed fashionistas, it is, to say the least, a garment that has known how to cross eras and styles. At its beginnings? The multi-pocket pants appeared at the end of the 19th century, officiating in the military locker room of American soldiers, of the Spanish-American war. It was not until the 1900s, in particular 1909, when Levi Strauss & Co reinterpreted this utilitarian garment to clear it of its primary functions. From then on, the cargo pants became a regular in fashion wardrobes and eclipsed as a bonus from its image of do-it-yourself pants.

On the shopping side, it may well be that the deal turns out to be complex, since finding quality cargo pants, trendy and rewarding at the same time, is not easy. To do this, our Fashion Journalist has tried her hand at cabin visits in order to retain only the best that today’s fashion can offer us.

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