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here’s where to shop Brigitte Macron’s sneakers

Since the investiture of Emmanuel Macron on May 14, 2017, there have been few public appearances of Brigitte Macron that have not been noticed or commented on by the fashion press. Because just like Kate Middleton, the first lady maintains a polished, chic and Parisian style, and often spiced up with a touch of luxurious. Her signature: the well-cut suit, the small handbag that fits well and the pumps with ultra vertiginous stiletto heels. But that does not mean that the wife of the President of the Republic abandons the casual wardrobe, quite the contrary. We are not talking here about a pair of ankle boots or moccasins. On several occasions, she was seen wearing flexible and compensated sneakers from the French brand No Name. The particularity of this ultra-comfortable sportswear accessory: the large sole, which lengthens the legs of all women. A fashion piece that is as comfortable to wear as a pair of slippers. Find out where to get one, before it runs out.

Brigitte Macron sneakers: which model to wear to lengthen your legs? What price ?

Just like good high-waisted, well-cut jeans, a pair of sneakershigh or low, can quite stretch the figure when chosen correctly, depending on our morphology. On the other hand, one thing is certain for all morphos: the thicker and higher the sole of the basketball, the more the silhouette will automatically lengthen, and more particularly the legs. For a maxi effect, wear this trainer with slim black jeans when you’re little, and flared or straight jeans when you’re taller. The sneakers worn by Brigitte Macron are the perfect example, and there are many high platform models available for sale. All you have to do is pair it all with a nice, well-cut nude blazer, for an urban and cool style at the same time.

Women’s No Name sneakers: what color should you wear according to your age? What model after 50 years?

If basketball has less and less “young” connotations because it is more and more democratized, the fact remains that a good part of the new models coming out on this booming market often display too much originality to be worn after 50 years. This is the reason why, after the fifties, we recommend the more sober, soft and pastel models. You like it pink ? Choose a soft tone, turning to cherry white. Can’t get enough of yellow? And why not rather opt for the timeless white basketball, or neutral colors, beiges and taupes, just as classic? Note that the more classic and timeless the model, the easier it will be to wear them with EVERYTHING, like a long, flowing dress in summer, or velvet trousers and a colorful sweater in winter. Because a product that does not age is a product that can be kept for life. And that, Brigitte Macron is well aware!

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