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here’s why you should introduce marine collagen to your beauty routine

Naturally produced by the body, the collagen is very important for hair growth, nail strength. It also has anti-aging virtues for the skin but not only. Here’s everything you need to know about this miracle ingredient.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein present in the body responsible among other things for the structure, the resistance, the regeneration of the cells but also the elasticity of the skin. It is found in our cartilage but also the skin and bones. Recent studies even support the fact that collagen is also very important for digestion. Indeed, it protects the wall of the digestive tract and the stomach. An important barrier because without it the intestine becomes permeable and can undergo chronic inflammation. Collagen is therefore essential to health in addition to its “cosmetic” benefits.

From the age of 25, its natural production decreases sharply and leads to more visible aging of the skin as well as an alteration of the bone cartilage. To compensate for this change, the experts were interested in the marine collagen present in fish bones and scales whose composition is close to that of our body and therefore similar assimilation as well.

What are the benefits of marine collagen?

A product that is increasingly on the rise in the cosmetics and food supplement industry, marine collagen is still little known to the general public. Yet it is essential, all the more so when one gets older. It is endowed with a powerful anti-ageing action which makes it possible to restore density to the skin, to restore volume to the hollow of the cheeks for example, which sometimes forms over the years.

It also helps maintain deteriorating bone cartilage. This last data is particularly important for women going through menopause and are sometimes subject to a decrease in bone mass (osteoporosis) and muscle. Marine collagen therefore not only has a “cosmetic” effect on the appearance of the skin, but also contributes to bone health.

How to choose your collagen?

Marine collagen is now marketed in all forms: powder, capsules, tablets. But not all shapes are created equal. On the food side, know that you should consume about 1.2 kilos of fish per day to obtain the optimal daily dose for maintaining collagen levels, explain Maxine and Darcy Laceby, co-founders of the Absolute Collagen brand.

This mother and her daughter designed the brand with the aim of making women aware of the importance of taking care of their bodies from the inside for results on the outside as well. This is where Absolute collagen was born, an elixir of collagen to be taken daily.

They have chosen to create sachets that are eaten simply and on the go, like a yoghurt in a tube but stuffed with good things. In order to ensure proper assimilation by the body of their product, the collagen is hydrolyzed: that is to say, the molecules are broken down into smaller sizes. They are also called peptides when they are at this stage. An ingredient that you have probably already spotted in your beauty products. These very clever little molecules, once ingested, will encourage the body to produce more of its own collagen. A virtuous circle then sets in.

In the long term, the expected effects on the outside are plumper and naturally smoother skin, stronger hair and nails. Regularly consuming collagen will allow you to limit the degradation of your joints and bones.

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