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here’s why you shouldn’t tear them off

One day or another, in front of the mirror, we discover our first white hair. And whether we like it or not, we cannot escape it. At that precise moment, we probably all asked ourselves the same thing: I’m pulling it off, I’m not pulling it off?

For ages, we have heard that if we have the misfortune to pull out just one of our white hairs, they will then grow back en masse. But then simple Myth or reality ? To get to the bottom of it, only one solution is available to us: stick to what the experts say. Real Simple then approached Trey Gillen, hairdresser and artistic director for Sachajuan. The magazine asked him THE question we all ask ourselves: “Is it true that if you pull out a gray hair, many more will grow afterwards?”

Pulling out gray hair multiplies it: myth or reality?

And the answer was very clear: it is actuallya myth ! “The hair follicles surrounding the first white hair will not turn white until the pigment cells in their own follicles die off” explained the expert to Real Simple. However, it is not advisable to pull out his white hair.

You will have understood it, if you pull out a white hair… it will grow back White ! It is therefore of no great interest, except to get rid of it for a few days. Because yes (and it’s quite logical), the torn hair will eventually grow back. Moreover, if you wax your graying hair, you expose yourself to other hair problems that are much more visible and annoying.

“Hair will never grow back again”

“Pulling out your hair can traumatize the hair follicle and damage it to the point that it will never grow back” also specified Trey Gillen. And there, the choice is quickly made. Inevitably, we prefer to have white hair, than no hair at all! As a bonus, waxing your hair can “cause infection, scarring and bald patches” alerted the hairdresser.

The best thing to do if you spot a few white hairs is to accept them or ignore them to avoid being tempted to pull them out!

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