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his daughter Darina Scotti-Vartan sets Instagram on fire at 24

Carla Ginola, Lily-Rose Depp, Ilona Smet, or even Jenaye Noah are real stars of social networks. The “daughters of” are very followed on Instagram, and for good reason, they have become real influencers. They are also promised great careers in their field, whether it is cinema or modeling. Lately, it’s a certain Darina who took over Instagram and made people talk about her.

Does his first name mean anything to you? His name will then speak to you more. Darina Scotti Vartan is the daughter of the French singer of Bulgarian origin Sylvie Vartan and the American actor Tony Scotti (and therefore the half-sister of David Hallyday). She was adopted by the celebrity couple when she was 7 months old. However, Sylvie Vartan makes no difference between David and Darina. Besides, she can’t stand it being said of Darina that she is her “adopted daughter” she had confided to the magazine Gala. “A mother is the one who loves you, who trembles for you, who cries for you. David I carried him in my belly, Darina I carried him in my heart, heart or belly, for me there is no difference.”

Darina, the sensational “daughter of”

Born in October 1997 in Bulgaria, Darina grew up in California, USA. As a child, her parents chose to protect her from the media. Stayed away from photographers, today, it is she who controls her image through social networks. Darina is now 24 years old, and like all young women her age, she enjoys sharing some moments of her life on Instagram. Its community is growing. Sylvie Vartan’s daughter counts more than 34,000 followers.

The pretty blonde regularly publishes photos of her, and each time, her shots have the same success. She receives many “likes” and compliments in comments. “Too beautiful, as usual”, “magnificent”, “high class”…we can read below his latest post.

A beautiful message to convey

Conversely, it also happens to receive attacks from malicious Internet users. At the end of last year, during her appearance on the show L’instant de Luxe broadcast on Télé Star Play, the young woman had also confided in these negative comments about her body. “I had some hormonal problems, that’s why I gained weight. People like to tell me in comments… it affects me because at the beginning even I didn’t understand. It happened two and a half, three years ago. Basically I have always been fine” she had explained.

Today, Darina is not afraid to talk about it on social networks. On the contrary, it is a subject close to his heart. It’s a way of helping many girls her age. “I didn’t have that. I didn’t tell my family about my problems. (…) So I find it important to talk about these problems and not make the same mistakes as others” she had said.

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