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his incredible physical transformation at 62

In the eyes of the public, she is and will forever remain the shy young girl who ends up falling into the arms of her dance partner, the unforgettable Johnny Castle (editor’s note: interpreted by Patrick Swayze) in the cult film dirty dancing. Yet today, Jennifer Gray has changed a lot.

The former fiancée of Johnny Depp has indeed given in to the sirens of cosmetic surgeryconvinced that this physical transformation would allow her to land more roles.

Jennifer Gray has changed a lot since her debut in Dirty Dancing

On the advice of his mother, the actress is going to have rhinoplasty… an operation that she bitterly regrets todayas she explains in the columns of People.

She said, ‘You know what? It’s hard to find roles for you. Make it easier for them “Blows the 62-year-old actress.

Actress unrecognizable due to plastic surgery

And to clarify: When I was a child, I was completely against rhinoplasty. My parents did, but it was the 1950s (…) You couldn’t be gay. You couldn’t be Jewish. You couldn’t look like a Jew “.

However, far from propelling her to the front of the stage, this intervention will actually harm her career. ” I became invisible overnightshe says In the eyes of people, I was no longer myself. The weirdest thing is that I had resisted all my life, and I was so pissed at my mother for advising me to have this operation. “.

“I spent so much energy wondering what I did wrong, why I was banished from the kingdom “, continues the actress who claims to have been heartbroken when Michael Douglas did not recognize her on a red carpet.

And to conclude, with tears in his eyes: But in fact it was a lie. I shot myself in the foot all by myself “.

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