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his mother is the perfect lookalike of his sister Audrey

Like the vast majority of French people, yesterday, Alexandra Lamy celebrated Mother’s Day. This Sunday May 29, the actress therefore visited her mother Michèle, in the countryside. Of course, they were not alone. Audrey Lamy and Chloe Jouannet were also present. The inseparable quartet took advantage of this family moment to immortalize beautiful memories.

It is through Instagram that the young women have shared several pictures of themselves on social networks. Chloé Jouannet, the daughter of Alexandra Lamy, published in story a snapshot of her alongside her grandmother Michèle, her aunt Audrey and her mother. A photo on which they beamed and which revealed all their complicity.

Alexandra Lamy: the disturbing resemblance between her sister and her mother

For her part, Alexandra Lamy posted on her Instagram feed an image of her mother and her. In the caption, she wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day”. A tender message that touched Internet users who did not fail to wish him in turn a happy Mother’s Day.

However, what caught the attention of Alexandra Lamy’s followers the most is not so much this caption, but the photo itself. And more particularly the his mother’s facial features. In the comments, we can read in particular: “She’s not your mother, she’s your sister”. The reason ? Alexandra Lamy’s mother is the perfect doppelganger his sister Audrey. A striking resemblance that did not escape the actress’s fans who could not help but point out to her : “What a resemblance to Audrey!”, “The look-alike of your little sister, incredible!” or “Audrey looks like her mom”.

“Like mother, like daughter, like sister”

This isn’t the first time a photo of the Lamy sisters and their mom has caused a stir on social media. Already last November, Alexandra Lamy shared a snapshot of the three of them and joked about their disturbing resemblance: “Like mother, like daughter, like sister, finally we don’t know anymore” she wrote in an Instagram story. And it must be said that we could almost confuse them!

Always very close and accomplices, the two Lamy sisters have never felt in competition, although they exercise the same profession of actress. On the contrary, the duo helps each other. “We have the scripts read to each other, we give each other our opinions, we coach each other” confided Audrey Lamy during one of her appearances on the set of Vivement Dimanche on France 2. “It’s super important to have my sister’s opinion, and vice versa (…) We don’t steal roles. First of all, we are not the same age, I am much younger (…)! There is no jealousy, especially not! “.

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