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how can a series influence fashion trends so much?

It was an event eagerly awaited by fashion aficionados, amateurs and Regency English, but also fans of dramatic romances. Just back on netflix since March 25, the second season of The Bridgerton Chronicle is once again a highly successful poker move.

The very legacy of season 1, which mixes thrilling intrigues, melodramas and historical sets and costumes, this production Shonda Rhimes (Inventing Anna, Grey’s Anatomy) based on the novels of Julia Quinn could only once again charm the general public, faithful since the beginnings of the series. A triumph which is not without consequences, since, commensurate with the notoriety of The Bridgerton Chronicle, the series has considerably influenced the way, but above all the desire to dress, of modern-day fashionistas. What defray the chronicle.

The Regencycore style: the fashion trend for spring 2022 thanks to The Bridgerton Chronicle

Why don’t we wear dresses like in the Bridgerton chronicle??? “. That is the question. If on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram, passions run wild for the cottagecore style. On the sidelines, the same goes for its acronym, the regencycore, to understand, a fashion representative of the British aristocracy of the 19th century, which made its revolution in the series and imposed itself victorious in real life. And for good reason, let’s remember, last year, the research platform Stylight underlined a dazzling peak of interest in the corsetbut also feathers and pearls, the very DNA of the wardrobe of Daphne Bridgerton, the Duchess of Hastings played by English actress Phoebe Dynevor. This year, the queries around the fashion of the time are not weakening, but are articulated around new stylistic elements as noted by the reference platform.

Thus, for the spring, a return to basics is taking place, to understand the increases in clicks for certain keywords specific to the series. The bangles (28% increase in clicks*), pashmina scarves (37%), the peach and salmon evening dresses (23%), the purple evening dresses (34%), not counting the lace-up ballet flats (31%) which are in line with the register of fashion trends for spring-summer 2022. But then how can a series influence consumers’ purchasing decisions to such an extent and become a stylistic reference on its own?

Fashion trends: how a series does it influence the way we dress?

It was a premeditated but never equaled record. In just one weekend, that of its launch, this blockbuster pulverized the scores by becoming the biggest start for an Anglo-Saxon series. On his meter? No less than 193 million hours of viewing which is worth The Bridgerton Chronicle the merit of being among the Netflix’s current top 1. Can we therefore deny the obvious? We have here a series, which although its history takes place in a completely different era, is indeed in its time. That of a generation that cannot help but to look back, to go forward. A finding that we notice in particular with the emergence of the Y2K style, a revival of 2000s fashion, and from which Gen Z is now inseparable. It is therefore hardly surprising that the regencycore resonates in turn in the collective unconscious, and all the more at a time when social networks dictate the clothing line of new generations.

A familiar fashion effect that challenges, and leads us to remember all the times when television wrote the pages of fashion trends on which fashionistas put their mark page. In the 1990s, the legendary style of Carrie Bradshaw was the very essence of the wardrobe of women who recognized themselves in the star character of the series. One dressing room Sex and the City essentially everything Sarah Jessica Parker’s could hold, including an airy pink tutu, Manolo Blahniks and a signature baguette bag. On the same pedestal and also engraved in the annals, Cher Horowitz’s yellow checkered skirt suit in clueless, made an impression even inspiring one of the greatest luxury houses, Dior. A memorable costume that the most followed personalities on social networks wore during the prestigious parade.

In a completely different register, last summer was synonymous with a reinterpretation of the T sandal spotted in the reboot of the series gossip girl. A full box for these Salomé shoes, whose searches had exploded the counters only 24 hours after the start of the series in the United States. A fashion trend that owes nothing to chance, since this series was highly publicized on the social media.

On the sidelines, last year, the style of the 1970s was also back in the race partly thanks to the charm wrought by the hit series The snake who had contributed to the rise of “flared pants” at the very moment when the public discovered the vintage costumes which burst the screen. Same refrain for the style of Lily Collins in Emily in Pariswhich we owe to Patricia Field, the flagship costume designer of Sex and The City. The finding? Immediately after the release of season 2, a myriad of clothes and accessories worn by the actress became veritable must have that Internet users were snatching up on the Internet. One of the desire objects? Jonak boots, just out of stock

What the modosphere retains The Bridgerton Chronicle ? concrete proof that the fashion trends current ones are impregnated with the characters, but also and above all with the nostalgia of the style of the past years, transcribed through the series.

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