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How to choose the ideal iron to curl your hair?

What are the criteria for choosing a curling iron?

Do you want to have curls as impeccable as those of Hollywood stars? Hair curlers today can give surprising results. Just choose the model that meets your needs. To do this, here are the criteria to consider:

Brands offer a variety of shapes of curling irons. While some have a rounded or conical shape, others are a succession of balls or even have boxes. In any case, the shape does not impact the quality of the curls, but the style of the hairstyle. If the rounded curlers are suitable for creating regular waves from the roots to the tips, the conical irons are ideal for obtaining a wavy effect.

The diameter is chosen according to the length of your hair. If you have a short cut, choose small diameters, between 10 and 20 mm. Thus, your curls will have a longer hold. On the other hand, if you have long or medium-length hair, curlers with a diameter of 25 to 40 mm allow you wide waves.

  • The technique of use

By opting for classic devices, you will have to wrap the wicks around the curler. On the other hand, other models suck up the hair, then wrap it inside to give it its shape.

Ceramic is the most popular. It is effective in distributing the heat evenly, which prevents heat damage while allowing a flawless result.

Most curling irons have a temperature control. This element is essential to adjust the level of heat emitted according to the nature of the hair. In any case, a temperature of 185°C is recommended. It is hot enough to sculpt the hair without damaging it.

Our pick: 5-in-1 curling iron for a variety of styles

Do you like to change your hair style from time to time? We have selected the CkeyiN 5 in 1 curling iron. The iron is supplied with 5 tips, each giving a different effect. They are made of tourmaline ceramic. This quality coating ensures a salon result, without burning. Thanks to its 360° rotating cord, the device is easy to handle.

To give the hair its shape, you can choose between several temperature levels, ranging from 160° to 210°C. Anti-burn gloves are supplied with the iron. They allow you to protect your hands against burns due to possible accidents.

A conical curler for a brilliant result

To satisfy the most demanding, Remington presents its pearl burst conical curler. We like it for its advanced ceramic coating. This superior quality material ensures extreme shine and softness of the hair. Depending on your desires, you can form tight or voluminous curls. You even have the possibility to achieve a wavy effect. The heating temperature is adjustable from 130° to 210°C. Thanks to the temperature lock, the heat level is maintained, which allows a constant result.

The curler is to be applied on dry and detangled hair. To protect your hands from possible accidents, protective gloves are offered by the brand.

Tong curling looper for perfect curls, in no time

Known for its quality products, Babyliss continues to satisfy its users thanks to its constantly innovating devices. On our part, we have selected the curling tong by Babyliss for its 25 mm satin iron. Thanks to its super-fast heating system, it delivers satisfying results in no time. Depending on the nature of your hair, choose between 10 temperature levels, from 110° to 180°C.

For best results, wrap your wick around the curler, let it cool before letting go. Thus, you will enjoy a long hold.

proluxe conical curler for a unique natural effect

Are you a fan of natural effect curls? Opt for this remington proluxe conical curler. We particularly like this model because of its advanced ceramic coating and Opti Heat technology. These technological innovations promote even and constant heat distribution. They allow flexible and well sculpted curls. Simply set the device to the temperature of your choice. The latter can be adjusted from 120° to 210° C. It is displayed on the iron’s digital screen.

In addition, if you can’t decide, the brand offers the pro+ function at 185°C. It has a temperature high enough to shape your curls without burning them. With the tapered diameter of 25-38 mm of the iron, it can achieve beautiful curls with a natural effect. It is enclosed in gripetech. This anti-slip coating is ideal for maintaining smooth hair that slides easily.

3-head curler for maximum waves

Very original, this CkeyiN 3 Head Looper is as surprising as it is satisfying. We selected it because of the result it offers. Simply hold a strand on its tips, then squeeze the iron firmly. You will get “S” and, in the end, a beautiful wavy. For best results, apply the iron to clean, dry hair.

To draw beautiful waves, you have the choice between two temperature levels 170 ° and 220 ° C. Thanks to the ceramic tourmaline coating, the curler is suitable for all hair types. Whether you have short or long, fine or thick hair, the curler will take care of it. Just choose the temperature that suits the nature of your hair.

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