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how to dress this week according to your zodiac sign?

Real or supposed, theastrology, is an impalpable science which is in cahoots with the personality and foresees human destiny according to the reflection of the stars. Highlighting the character forged by a person, and highlighting the fluctuation of his changing moods, astrology has the art and the way to arouse the interest, and what does not matter the fields of predilection of each one.

How can astrology and personality influence our style?

Working hand in hand with theastrology, the personality has the privilege of defining who we are, by considering our emotional value, but also by making the link between our temperament, and the way we apprehend our feelings. All in all, although it forges strong bonds with individuals over time, 50% of the personality would already be acquired at birth, while 10% would be influenced by the family environment, and 40% stems from unknown factors according to psychology researcher Judith Rich Harris.

How to dress according to the weekly horoscope?

If certain characters are categorized on the astrological sphere, why not listen to the significance of the stars, and rely on our weekly horoscope, reviewed by our Fashion Journalist. The promise ? Stylistic elements to adapt as best as possible to your mood, so as to become an extension of your personality.


This week eclipses the one that just preceded us and which for you was synonymous with outings, flirtations and fun with friends. For at least seven days, you’ll be in a more homey mood, wanting to take the opportunity to rest and get your closet in order.

Aries: how to dress this week?

Your watchword now goes through the comfortable, literally “comfortable”. A style tendency moreover, will put you at ease in all circumstances. Among the fashion pieces to remember are the paper bag shorts recognizable by their gathered high waist, the logo hoodie, the sailor top, the New Balance 327 sneakers or traditional white sneakers, a green shirt, a long flowing dress, a baggy and cargo pants.


Side astrologythis week is a driving force in your life of Bull. It also makes room for change, with new goals to achieve, and therefore for stylistic experimentation and self-affirmation. In other words, if you are no longer afraid to assume your clothing desires, and let yourself be carried away by the fashion trends that drive you.

Taurus: how to dress this week?

Clothes that will surprise. If in normal times you combine your style with preppy looks, let yourself be tempted by accessories and clothes with diametrically opposed aesthetics. For example, surf the trend ” neo-tailoring by matching your baggy suit with streetwear or sportswear pieces: sneakers, cowboy boots, a sports bag, a cap…


This week will not be easy for the Gemini if we go by thehoroscope composed by our expert. Now is the perfect time to achieve your goals, and demonstrate self-improvement, while taking care of your physical and mental health. According to our astrologer, May 13, 2022 will be marked by Mercury which will be in line with the Moon and will benefit you. The opportunity for you to claim the wearing of clothes that embrace your perseverance.

Gemini: how to dress this week?

working girl of modern times? Profile your finest attire by adding that ultra-fashionable je-ne-sais-quoi that will make others take you all the more seriously: a black tie with a baggy shirt, a blazer and flared jeans, or wedge sneakers with an oversized suit for women…


This week will be punctuated by your rebellious spirit, and your emancipation ready for any test, and independence will be the key to your success. Place your desires at the heart of your concerns and respond to your clothing desires most buried in your imagination.

Cancer: how to dress this week?

Keep in mind not to deny yourself anything style-wise this week. Your mood will allow you to assert the wearing of clothes that you have too often denied yourself, so this is the right time to operate your stylistic rebellion. Do you want a pair of Isabel Marant wedge sneakers? Is. By a butterfly-shaped top as advocated by one of the summer trends? Never mind. Let your fashion fiber do the talking.


Nostalgic, don’t get overwhelmed by emotion. If this week is the opportunity to take your courage in both hands, and to express your feelings, it is also the right time to flirt with the fashion pieces that have been making your eye for some time.

Leo: how to dress this week?

Because red embodies pure summer romance, position tinted clothes and accessories in your line of sight. A tight carmine dress, a passion red swimsuit, a vermilion ruffled top, a poppy skirt… Don’t blush, this color is for you during these few days.


If the requirement is your privilege this week, thoroughness and tenacity will dictate your course of action, so that your hard work pays off. Also, depending on your horoscope, Mercury aligns to make you enjoy a tonic mood that we owe to Gemini. All the elements are therefore gathered to give you the necessary and deserved energy.

Virgo: how to dress this week?

A stylistic boost will be enough to bring you an extra touch of pep. And who says tone, says color. Therefore, do not skimp on the colors and refine your spring wardrobe with invigorating tones. Your style color palette? Vitamin orange, mimosa yellow and terracotta, as a priority, just like the other warm colors in question this season.


According to astrology, this week is synonymous with a considerable workload for you. Put your efficiency first to reap the benefits, and sharpen your sense of style to match your professional line of conduct.

Libra: how to dress this week?

Who says professional overload, says simple wardrobe, of legendary efficiency. Prefer the basics like a belted beige trench coat, flared or bootcut jeans, mules with heels, a shirt with rolled up sleeves… The secret being to respect the clothing cuts authorized this season.


Filled with an ounce of melancholy, this week will be impacted by the retrograde of Pluto which will influence your morale according to our astrologer. The sensitivity that is specific to you will be profitable to you, and will be all the stronger by mingling with your sartorial friendliness.

Scorpio: how to dress this week?

Release your emotions without fear of them overtaking you, and don’t give up on the clothes that make you feel good. Give up this bohemian dress that brings you back to a certain nostalgia, and swap it for a model with which you have not yet built memories.


Carried by a certain wind of optimism, your positivity will embellish your week. In the same vein, if fun will guide your emotions, you will show a little more seriousness from May 12, 2022, since according to our expert, your associated planet will be positioned in the constellation of Aries. As a result ? Frivolity and rigor will combine your stylistic desires.

Sagittarius: how to dress this week?

Our Fashion Journalist’s tip? Confront clothing antipodes to each other so that the magic works. To respect the goodwill of the stars, mixing clothes of completely different characters will comfort your changing mood. Overalls with slingbacks or pumps, a long flowing dress with sneakers, a jumpsuit with a denim jacket… The solutions are multiple.


A complex week is looming on the horizon, with feedback on your decision making. Fortunately, it will be started by a weekend of complete rest which will rebalance the balance.

Capricorn: how to dress this week?

During the week, opt for a stylistic panoply that is both comfortable and trendy. The right time to reconsider wearing knit and lace pants coordinated with tops sewn in identical fabrics.


Unwieldy at your convenience, your busy schedule will make you anxious and take up most of your time. The stars will grant you little respite, and your mood will be fickle. Take care of yourself and limit your anxieties by keeping your mind and your emotions, visibly strained, in check.

Aquarius: how to dress this week?

Put uncomfortable clothes and accessories in the closet, starting with shoes that hurt your feet and clothes that make you feel tight. Switch to those that will allow you to follow your hectic lifestyle this week, and that will give you unstoppable freedom of movement. The advice of our Fashion Journalist? An inspired playsuit athleisure combine with a pair of colorful flatform sandals, a shoulder pad blazer and a baguette bag.


Full of zest and energy, a low motivation leash will surprise you halfway through the week. Fortunately, the Full Moon of May 15, 2022 will recharge your batteries. The opportunity to revise your dress primers, which stand out as the best allies.

Pisces: how to dress this week?

Pretexts for all occasions and all moods, dresses will transform your figure in this week when the stars will play tricks on you. At first, focus your interest on dresses cut out sulphurous, to make a transition towards bohemian, folkloric models.

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