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how to make a beautiful homemade manicure?

Home manicure: Adopt the right gestures

When embarking on a home manicure, it is important to know the right things to do a professional job.

First step (and not the least!): prepare your nails well.
We file them to give them a nice shape, then push back the cuticles after massaging them with a drop of emollient to soften them. To do this, make sure you have the right tools! First use the round end of a steel cuticle pusher, the square end being used only for the corners then, if necessary, gently cut the excess skin. Finally, don’t forget to roughen the surface of the nail with a preparatory file and degrease it with a mild solvent so that the color holds well.

For the application of the varnish, deposit thin homogeneous coats. Our tip? Wring the brush on one side, then hold it almost parallel to the nail starting in the middle before extending the application on the sides. The semi-permanent requires passage under an LED lamp between each coat of varnish (1 base coat, 2 color coats, a Top coat). Respect the drying times between each pose to optimize the hold of your manicure.

Finally, moisturize by placing a drop of oil on each cuticle and a dab of cream on your hands, which you will massage until absorbed. There you have it, super soft skin and a sublime manicure!

Semi-permanent nail polish at home: the essentials Manucurist

For a perfect and risk-free varnish application, you have to bet on the right products. And that’s good, because Green Flash™ by Manicurist is the 1st range of semi-permanent clean and non-sensitizing on the market authorized for sale to individuals. Vegan, formulated without endocrine disruptors and above all without allergenic molecules, Green Flash™ nail polishes, unlike many old-generation semi-traditional nail polishes, pose no health risk. They are very easy to put on and very quickly removed, like a classic nail polish with a gentle solvent without acetone and without damaging the nails. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, with Green Flash™ and its Dissolving Corrector Pen that instantly erases small imperfections, we promise you a pro manicure and long-lasting hold.

Opt for the manicure routine that suits you: choose from the different boxes including (the routine and) the essential products for a perfect result in 30 minutes flat. Our favourite? The Green Flash Box with the base and top coat, a slim LED lamp to take anywhere, removal clips, solvent water and two colored varnishes to choose from a wide range of shades.

Performing a manicure yourself without risk to health has never been easier.

So, convinced?

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