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how to make them grow faster?

Just like eyebrows and hair, eyelash growth can be stimulated either through natural products, or by having recourse to the latest technologies in terms of cosmetological products. Indeed, some grandma’s tricks can work to restore length and thickness to your lash line. However some brands have now specialized in the development of targeted products for the growth of eyelashes and hair more generally.

Eyelashes: these grandmother’s tricks to stimulate growth naturally

First of all, it is important to understand that eyelashes have a fairly short lifespan. On average, an eyelash will live for about 3 months and in three phases: growth, stagnation and fall. Except that in some people the fall happens much faster than it should. Our tips therefore aim to lengthen growth and thus prevent hair loss.

To stimulate the growth of eyelashes naturally, it is advisable to bet on fatty substances and moisturizers. You can thus use castor oil which allows you to deeply hydrate the eyelashes as well as the hair. It also strengthens the bulb and extends the life of the eyelashes. It is simply applied with a small mascara brush, ideally every evening for at least a month to see results.

You can also use coconut oil which hydrates and strengthens, to apply in the same way as castor oil. Vaseline has also proven itself for eyelash growth. The trick is to apply these products gently and avoid getting any in the eyes.

What are the best products to boost eyelash growth?

For those who prefer to use more conventional products, many brands now offer specific eyelash care. Mascaras, booster treatments and even growth serum, the cosmetics market is full of products to test. We have nevertheless made a selection of the most effective in our opinion.

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