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How to succeed in your passport photos? The right makeup to adopt according to TikTok

Like many people, you are probably apprehensive every time you renew your passport or identity card. Because in addition to all the administrative paperwork to be completed, it is requested to provide compliant photos. The expression must be neutral, the face clear… and inevitably, it is not easy to show off well as there are so many rules. Rare are the times we left the photo booth satisfied with the photos.

But then how to succeed for sure his passport photos? We thought it was not possible and yet, a young woman seems to have found THE solution. Happy with the given result, she generously shared the method through her TikTok account. The video posted by Georgia Barratt created the buzz and now has nearly 10 million views, just that !

A video that has gone viral on TikTok

At first, the influencer had published a humorous video revealing her ID photo perfect. Immediately, her community reacted by showering her with compliments. Some women even asked him for advice in the comments on how to successfully get a photo ID. “A tutorial for your hairstyle please”, “Can you do a makeup tutorial for this makeup please?”, can we read in comment. Moreover, Georgia Barratt took the time to respond and reproduce its beauty. It is this video in question which was greatly appreciated and which quickly became viral.

@georgia.barratt Reply to @petassnym yes I’ve got as it was on repeat the whole way through #xyzbca #beauty #makeup ♬ original sound – georgia barratt

In the video, the young American begins by shaping her eyebrows using a gel and a brush. “I want my face to be as lifted as possible”, she explained on TikTok. So she combs the hair upwards to enlarge the look, like a brow lift. After performing her skincare, she applies a moisturizing and slightly iridescent foundation base for a glowy. She continues with the beauty of the complexion, in particular with a foundation and a concealer. She then goes back to the eyebrows and draws a line below to structure them and make them perfectly. symmetrical.

Succeed in your passport photos: the makeup tutorial

Next comes the stage of outline. She then applies a little cream bronzer to her temples, her cheeks, her chin, her jaw, her nose. She also doesn’t forget to add some to the outer corner of her mobile eyelid so, once again, to lift the face. Georgia Barratt then adds a bit of blush. She powders her face to fix all the creamy textures applied beforehand.

Finally, she moves on to eye makeup. For this, she arms herself with a brown eyeliner and draws a short and rather thin line. Her trick for lengthening her gaze: she applies some in the inner corner, then finishes with mascara. Last step, and not least: the mouth! “Now we are going to really outline the lips”. For this, she uses a pencil that she associates with a matching glossy liquid lipstick. The result is very beautiful and many Internet users have tried it in turn!

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