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how to wear dungarees with style?

As spring slips away little by little to give way to summer, the timing comes at the right time to return to the fashion trends who are predestined to all success. Between the dresses, jumpsuits and traditional jeans, stands out a completely different outfit that we would have thought we would never have to deal with again. Her name ? The overalls. And for good reason, this garment with an old-fashioned reputation is making a comeback due to several factors.

The return of overalls in 2022

Relaunched by Jennifer Lopez in April, the overalls continues its stylistic ascent. And like all fashion trend self-respecting, this 1970s-inspired outfit did not fail to convince the designers who propelled it onto the Fashion Week catwalk. Dungarees are ubiquitous in the Jacquemus, Valentino, and Isabel Marant Spring-Summer 2022 collections, and were notably spotted during the house’s Fall-Winter 2023 show during which Bella Hadid walked the catwalk in monochrome leather dungarees.

A restocking that our Fashion Journalist had already highlighted last March, then premeditating the operational return of the so-called overall in English. Proof that this garment is gradually shedding the worker’s wardrobe to which it has been attached for so long.

Overalls: which brands offer trendy models?

The fashion behemoths are not missing the call of summer trends. Zara, Mango, NA-KD, but also Carhartt, Monki and in other registers Miu Miu and Isabel Marant, are on the same wavelength to claim the wearing of overalls in 2022.

How to wear overalls in all circumstances?

Like rare clothes, the overalls fits any occasion. In town, we adopt it with a denim jacket, a blouse slipped underneath and comfortable shoes, like wedge sneakers, mules with heels, and sandals with straps… Same old refrain for going to work, a perfect opportunity to pull out overalls and pair them with a shoulder-pad blazer, then an accumulation of gold jewellery.

As for the beach, this summer let’s profile our overalls with sophisticated flip-flops. All in all for really look stylish with overallsthe best option is played out in the sense of detail. Let’s roll up his hems pants or shorts, and let’s unclip one of the two strapss features that make its signature. The master word ? Experimentation.

Where is the jumpsuit from?

Known to all, overalls nevertheless hold many mysteries, starting with their origin. A stylistic attribute of the working class of the 19th century, this masculinized garment was at its beginnings a work outfit used in the factories of the time. Appeared in Lyon in 1844, the dungarees were imagined by Louis Lafont, who had the idea of ​​sewing a “rule pocket” on the belt so that his carpenter father-in-law could put his folding rule there. A distinctive sign that it still retains to this day, and which it is not ready to shed. All in all, it was in the 1850s that Levi Strauss revised and corrected the overalls by sewing them with indigo denim, before launching the 406 overalls in 1954, which contributed to its rise in stylistic power.

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