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how to wear the belt in 2022?

Because fashion is not, and will never be an exact science, it nevertheless remains an eternal renewal. Proof of this is, continually reviewed and corrected, the fashion trends past generations are constantly acclimating to the temperaments of the fashionistas of the moment, keen on everything that vintage style can contain.

Thus marked by a reappropriation of the trends of the 1990-2000 eras, this year is synonymous with a return to basics, but above all, audacity. After the flight of the butterfly hype, and the solid ties tied with the fisherman sandals, comes the turn of a completely different trend to reappear. There ” skin belt “.

Exit the “belt layering”: here’s how to wear the belt in 2022

While the forecasts suggested a reappropriation of the belt layering, in other words the fact of accumulating several belts to form only one, we are witnessing a certain reversal of the situation. And for good reason, although acclaimed on various Fashion Week catwalks, this superimposition of belts does not ultimately measure up against this new trends becoming, what is the skin belt “.

The good news ? You don’t need to be familiar with English to understand this fashion language which consists of wear the belt next to the skin. A trend initiated by Sarah Jessica Parker when she played the role of Carrie Bradshaw in the hit series Sex and the City, during the 2000s. Then molded in a look made by costume designer Patricia Field, the American actress appears on the screen wearing her fabric belt directly on the skin. Why does it work? Quite simply because the accessory is made of pleasant fabric to wear, and coordinates with the print of the skirt by balancing the silhouette, cut by a short tied shirt.

It is therefore impossible to deny the obvious, because if this expert look may seem unbeatable, all women can adopt it provided they follow these few tips.

Summer 2022 fashion: how to wear the belt next to the skin?

For the charm to work, just remember that with this fashion trend, there is no longer any need to pass the strap through the waist of the pants, but to buckle or tie it directly on the stomach. Several questions then arise as to the comfort and practicality of this particular way of approaching belt. But every problem has its solution.

Let’s remember, on October 19, 2015 at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards evening, in Los Angeles, California, Miranda Kerr modeled the look of Carrie Bradshaw, wearing her belt on her bare stomach. Just like the HBO fictional character, the Australian beauty relied on comfort by favoring a satin belt to match her pastel blue Calvin Klein bustier top. The trick therefore lies in wearing a flexible belt, ideally in soft fabric or leather -provided it is not too hot- preferably in the same color or print as the top of the garment selected.

“Skin belt”: is this a trend that values ​​all morphologies?

The answer is yes. Whatever our morphological signature, whether round or thin, with a flat or rounded stomach, this way of wearing the belt is beneficial to all silhouettes. To consider it with style and confidence, it goes through a high-waisted bottom of clothing like for example jeans, cargo pants, a fluid skirt or paper bag shorts… And a more or less short top according to the desire to reveal or not a part of our abdominal line.

A belt trend, approved by Louis Vuitton

Whether you follow closely what is happening in the modosphere, it will be impossible to ignore this trend which owes its return to Louis Vuitton, and more precisely to Nicolas Ghesquière, the artistic director of feminine lines. And for good reason, it’s through the collection Resort 2023 of the French house, presented on May 12, that we rediscover this singular way of displaying the belt. On the program, mannequins looking like amazons from Greek mythology, who paraded under the setting sun of California with, as a weapon of seduction, belts tied on their bare waists. However, if the “belt layering” steals the show, the trends are not incompatible, since it is possible to accumulate several belts on the skin. Something to replace surely and with dignity, the corset belt.

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