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how to wear the pattern without fattening your belly

It’s as if fashion were embarking on a return to the past. This season at Mango, the trend is for the seventies print. As spring is fast approaching, the Spanish ready-to-wear company is unveiling a stunning wardrobe studded with ultra-fashionable pieces with retro motifs. From the chain print dress to the snakeskin jumpsuit, passing through the fluid materials and the cuts that have nothing to envy to the styles of the singers. Clara Luciani and Juliet Armanet, our mouths are already watering. However, you are not unaware that the patterns, and in particular the lines and other imposing prints, weigh down and magnify the silhouette. To ensure you have a crazy body before the beautiful seasons – even if it means playing on optical illusions – we explain to you in this article how to appropriate the trend ” lady-print without inflating your belly.

Mango woman: how to wear the print of the season without weighing down your figure?

Don’t give up on print so soon! Because believe it or not, but there are many ways to camouflage a swollen belly. We are obviously thinking of food supplements and other physical and sporting activities that can overcome the visceral fat (type of fat that accumulates in the abdomen), but fashion is also a solution. You can therefore completely let yourself be tempted by any pattern that makes you happy, from the moment you know how to wear it well to flatter your silhouette and avoid thickening it. Because in fashion, there is no reason to restrict yourself.

Flat stomach: these very simple fashion techniques and tips for a dream body

Our first tip is perhaps the most important: remember to choose the cuts of clothes according to your size, and to accessorize them well to balance your silhouette. If you are small and round, opt for high waisted and flared patterned pants to lengthen your silhouette as much as possible. You can also combine this kind of very strong piece with a pair of heeled ankle boots, and a sober leather jacket that stops right at the waist. Regardless of your morphology, we strongly encourage you to favor a single pattern in your look, in other words: ban mixtures. On the contrary, a strong pattern like an animal print will harmonize perfectly with subtle and minimalist clothes and accessories. Also be sure to always belt your waist to refine it, lengthen your legs and enhance your bust.

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