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how to wear the scarf to have style?

Long categorized as headgear of yesteryear, which it obviously is, the scarf has been an essential fashion item in its own right for several seasons. At its beginnings in the 18th century, when it first appeared, the headscarf provided protection from bad weather. Diverted from its primary functions, the scarf is now an unequaled must-have that goes with almost any summer wardrobe.

The scarf: the most trendy accessory of summer 2022

Tied at the neck models Emporio Armani, Paco Rabanne, Saint Laurent and Zimmermann, the silk scarf iridescent with satin reflections, secures a place of choice in the specifications summer 2022 fashion trends. Except that this time again, the fashionistas show an overflowing imagination, and take advantage of the several facets of his personality to appropriate it in different ways. Here is how the latter go about waking up the fashion quotient of their scarves or bandanas, and making sure they hold up.

The scarf tied in the hair

Much more than a simple fad, attaching its scarf in the hair is a resolutely practical hairstyle tip. In addition to maintaining all the flyaways, it adds a dose of style to any outfit. Our advice for the scarf to hold in the hair? Fix his mane with one or more rubber bands, which will keep the scarf in place.

The top scarf

Rather than just wearing the scarf as anyone would do, the best option is to fold it over itself, then position its tip at the bottom, and tie the ends to wear it as a top.

The belt scarf

Around jeans, a skirt or simply a dress, the scarf can be tied as a belt. All in all, the first advice we could give is to bet on a scarf long enough to wrap around your waist. So start by taking your measurements, to know which dimensions to favor.

The scarf around the neck

For a conservative look of the BCBG style, this way of tying the scarf is ideal. Folded delicately or in a hurry, the scarf, the silk square or the bandana allows you to not catch cold if the summer temperatures are not always there.

The skirt scarf

Attached in a sarong spirit, the scarf, and more particularly any fabric closely resembling a scarf or a bandana, can replace a skirt. The only conditions? Take her measurements into consideration and buy a sufficiently long scarf.

The tie scarf

Any self-respecting fashionista has at least once in her life heard of, or worn a scarf as a tie. Fold over itself several times, then tie around the neck under the chin, it becomes a perfect trompe-l’oeil.

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