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how to wear the spring 2022 fashion trend?

Of all the possible and unimaginable variants, the cargo skirt remains the best interpretation of shorts and cargo pants. Retaining its military aspect, its multi-pockets sewn on the thighs, buttoned or tied with a drawstring, the cargo skirt becomes a legend again. Drawn from the fashion locker room of 1990s-2000sthis iconic fashion piece echoes the Y2K trend which the new generations are now addicted to, and so are we. All in all, this is an operational return for the cargo skirt, because although it has more and more followers, it still remains timidly present in stores. So let’s count to ten before we see new interpretations of the 2022 version cargo skirt appear by the ready-to-wear brands we are used to shopping at.

Cargo skirt: the fashion trend that steals the show from the Miu Miu micro-skirt

Unlike the cargo pants worn by American soldiers at the end of the 19th century, the cargo skirt was not required to fulfill its utilitarian or even military functions since its appearance is resolutely recent. During the nineties the cargo skirt becomes the stylistic attribute of women seeking to enhance their silhouette while emancipating themselves by making their fashion revolution. No offense to some, the cargo skirt then becomes essential. From the all-powerful group TLC to Destiny’s Child who wear it in their album Survivor in 2000, the cargo skirt dictated a whole course of action fashion. Despite everything, it will be necessary to wait until the Italian house Prada presents its men’s fall-winter 2019-2020 so that Journalists, stylists, celebrities and all other fashion stars take turns in the cargo skirt, until they invade the streets of Milanese street style in full Fashion Week.

On the Internet, the observation confirms the deal: the cargo skirt is the most coveted object of desire by Gen-Z and millennials. ” Searches increased by more than +580% compared to the previous year“says Agustina Panzoni, category and trend manager for the Depop platform. So, here are our fashion tips to adopt the trend before the whole world takes it over.

A cargo skirt with a scarf top

Why not go traditional, why not mix a denim cargo skirt with a tied scarf pointing down, tied in the back? A fashion gimmick to add an overdose of retro style to the cargo skirt.

A cargo skirt with a bra

To awaken the look of a long cargo skirt, the trick is to bet on a highly rewarding garment. We think first of all of a bralette or crop top, or even a crop top that we partially cover with an oversized jacket or an unbuttoned, transparent shirt.

A cargo skirt with a coat on the shoulders

For spring, rather than wearing our jackets and coats in the most traditional way possible, we might as well not do what ordinary mortals do, and simply put them on our shoulders. A guarantee of extreme elegance.

A monochrome cargo skirt

The fashion advice of our Journalist? Coordinate a cargo skirt with a top in the same tone to bring out the centerpiece of the look. The recommended color? Beige, which plays tones on tones with any complexion from the lightest to the darkest, and which acts as a trompe-l’oeil by lengthening the silhouette.

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