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how to wear the spring 2022 fashion trend?

What could be more obvious than to wear light clothes when the first rays of sun are looming, and the cool temperatures give way to a morning mildness that warms the skin. After placing flowing skirts and pants in her sights, our style expert is now tackling theace of all spring fashion gamethe floral dress. Because it is clear that whatever one says, the floral dress continuously shows a remarkable bloom at each transition from winter to spring. Therefore, you might as well take a step ahead of our style colleagues by taking a break on new ways to monopolize the floral dress better than anyone.

Floral dress: how are trendy girls embracing the spring trend?

Long or short, in satin, linen or light cotton, the bohemian dress invites you to exoticism by adorning yourself with tropical flowers or bucolic fields. Perfect patterns when we want to refresh our look and inject it with a taste of romance. And here’s how the fashion pros wear the floral dressheaded for spring-summer 2022.

Upside down

What could be better than adopting the trend of layering to temper your body gently but surely against the still timid first rays of the sun? In writing, we largely approve of the idea of ​​superimposing a floral dress long nightie type over a short-sleeved t-shirt lined with sailor patterns. Most ? Wedge sandals that enhance the look and lengthen the silhouette.

With a scarf

Even a summer accessory, the scarf is essential for a new consecutive season. What do we appreciate? This bit of fantasy and elegance that it brings to a flowered dress and all the more so when its prints seem straight inspired by the 1970s.

Mid-season style

Just like Tiffany Hsu aka @handinfire on Instagram, to cheer on sunny days as it should be, nothing better than to pull out a flowery dress, preferably long and flowing worthy of optimal coverage of the legs. And to avoid having to wear thick tights, the fashionable alternative is to combine your dress with waders or any other high boots. The extra style? It goes through a bag worn over the shoulder.

Trompe l’oeil

Who would have thought a few years ago that a dress transform into a skirt? Not many people obviously since covering the top of a dress with a buttoned shirt is a rather recent fashion gimmick. Most ? Mark the waist with a belt of the same fabric as the floral dress, as a reminder.

Mix of styles

What if we replaced our traditional open shoes to combine their closed shoe rivals with our spring-summer dresses ? It is in any case a sign of distinction for editors, stylists and all other style experts, to stand out in the field of street style. Our advice? Wear a floral dresse with slingbacks or cowboy boots to inject a dose of rock into our outfit.

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