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how to wear the star color of spring 2022 after 50 years?

Ready to complete any spring wardrobe, the pinkin all its tones becomes the color benchmark for next season. Pop or pastel, this vitalizing color is now the essential element of any self-respecting outfit, as evidenced by the multiple looks composed by the most influential fashionistas of our generation, but not only. And for good reason, the brands that paraded during Fashion Week did not fail to claim loud and clear the compulsory wearing of pink which now replaces green. This is particularly the case for the collection Valentino fall-winter 2022-2023, almost all of whose silhouettes were tinted black… And pink. Having responded to the call of presentation, Zendaya did not miss the boat either and shone with a thousand lights, dressed in a pink suit embroidered with flowers. A perfect timing to give a new impetus to this essential color.

Pink: how to adopt the trendy spring color after 50 years?

The good news ? No matter how old you are, the pink is the tone that suits everyone. Whether we are teenagers, whether we have 20 years, 30 years, 40 years or even 50 years and more, pink can be worn without fuss and gives a boost of energy to all feminine outfits. Its added benefit? This is the color that rejuvenates the most, and modernizes an entire outfit. Advice from our Fashion Journalist for adopting the pink over 50 ? Dare, first. In other words, to be a fifties well in his sneakers that nothing and no one can stop, don’t hesitate to reconsider certain clothes and accessories that you tended to give in to new generations of fashionistas.

A pearl bag, pink jeans, a midi skirt, a blazer, babies with heels or even New Balance 327 sneakers as we are talking about for spring… The golden rule is to adopt them individually by mixing them together. one with other clothes to create a colorful but balanced look. In the background, we advise you to consider the color block, which consists of wearing pink with another equally pop color. Finally, as a third alternative, we recommend that you surf the total look trend, by wearing pink from head to toe. Lesson in style with our colorful fashion selection.

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