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how to wear the trend after 40 years?

As Paris Fashion Week will soon draw the curtain, fashion girls swear by one color as spring approaches: pink. Candy, pastel, fuchsia… All the tones are there, from clothes to accessories, passing of course by the essential element of any good wardrobe: basketball. But if this color is easily worn when you are 20 years old, it becomes more complicated to adopt after 40 years. Too “girly”, if not silly, pink is generally synonymous with childhood and carelessness. However, regardless of age, there are different tips for grabbing it in order to be on top of the trends next season. In small touches on sneakers, there will be plenty to make the difference as soon as the good weather arrives. Which model to invest in? How can we honor them? Discover our selection and top tips.

Sneaker trend: which pink model to wear after 40?

After 40 years, can we dare to wear original, even downright eccentric sneakers? Our answer : yes, if and only if they are worn with elegance. In order to follow the trend Pink Mania which will clearly flood the streets of big cities as soon as spring arrives, we advise you to invest in sneakers in these colors. After 40, the more authentic and unconventional the basketball, the more sober the outfit should be. A white t-shirt under a fine-knit waistcoat and light, well-cut high-waisted jeans can administer the chic touch par excellence. On the morphology side, we prefer to direct you to these tips before any purchase: if you are rather small, be sure to choose platform sneakers to enhance your silhouette, and vice versa if you are tall. The idea being not to break the silhouette, to ensure a hot and flawless look on sunny days.

40-year-old women’s sneakers: the star sneakers of the season to shop now

The most fashion-conscious girls already know that the New Balance is THE trendy sneaker of 2022. Easy to wear, classic without being too classic, it goes with any style of clothing, making it a must in the large sneaker family. This season, it is obviously adorned with a palette tinged with pink, in small touches, mixed with other colors or altogether in abundance. Another model, timeless and a hit to wear after 40: the chuck taylor by Converse. With it, there’s no doubt: no matter which model you choose, it will go with everything. For a retro attitude, wear them with rolled-up raw jeans, which will, why not, reveal a nice pair of socks. And believe it or not, these sneakers make your legs look longer! The spirit of the 1980s is just as present this season with the Nike Air Force 1 who, dressed in pink, immediately becomes ultra desirable (and is worn from 7 to 77 years old).

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