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“I could have lost my sight”

The tragedy was narrowly avoided. This Tuesday, June 14, Diane Leyre took advantage of a lull in her busy schedule to answer the many questions from her subscribers on social networks.

As usual, the beauty queen showed transparency, even agreeing to answer the most personal questions about her projects, her notoriety… or even her scar on her eye.

Diane Leyre (Miss France 2022) reveals the origin of her eye scar

A brand which, although very discreet, did not escape some Internet users who took the opportunity to ask her how she had injured her eyelid. And Miss France 2022 to explain that this scar went back to childhood.

“I’ve always been Miss Catastrophe, I slipped on the stairs when I was little”, she started before specifying: “I came across the corner of my brother’s Playstation. Fortunately a few centimeters away, I could have lost my sight “.

Complexes that are sometimes difficult to accept

A small complex that Diane Leyre sometimes finds it difficult to accept as she confided to Purepeople shortly after his election. I don’t always find myself terrible in the mirror”she whispered then.

And the young woman to clarify: I have a hole in the eyelashes of my left eye which makes me look a little more tired. I had chickenpox in my eyes and unfortunately I lost 20% of my eyelashes on that eye.

“I haven’t always had this body”

But that’s not all… the one who was elected the most beautiful woman in France had also admitted to having encountered some difficulties in accepting herself in the past. I haven’t always had this body. I’ve been through all body types.”she had assured.

“When I was young, I was very skinny. Then I gained a little weight. And when I left to live in Madrid, I was 10 kilos heavier than now. It is thanks to the sport that I lost these little extra kilos »she concluded.

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