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“I gained 9 kilos”

This Wednesday, June 8, Alicia took to her Instagram account to discuss the changes that have affected her body lately, and more particularly her recent weight gain which makes her extremely complex.

Indeed, for a few weeks already, the leading candidate of this sixth edition of Married at first sight started cryolipolysis sessions which she hopes will help her lose a few pounds.

Married at first sight: Alicia confides in her weight gain

Asked about this aesthetic treatment, the purpose of which is to destroy fat cells with the cold, the young woman could not be more frank, evoking her complexes and her desire to find her line of yesteryear.

“I have gained a lot of weight since the wedding (note: with Bruno), that is to say 9 kilos”she explained before specifying that she would like to obtain a body more ” closed “.

“I am not very well in my body”

And the nurse adds: ” It does not suit me. I am not very well in my body. I want to accept myself “. A development that has not diverted Internet users from their main objective, to find out if Alicia and Bruno are still together.

Indeed, if the newlyweds fell madly in love with each other during their honeymoon, no one knows if the couple is still together. While Alicia and Bruno are prohibited from communicating on this subject, the latter to relay an enigmatic message on social networks.

Alicia and Bruno still together?

On her Instagram story, the young woman indeed relayed the publication of a fan account suggesting the worst:A couple can choose to remain married at the final balance sheet and no longer be so at the ‘What have they become’… »

“Because this filming is done several months later, is it specified. So to find out if Alicia and Bruno are still together, we will have to wait”. To be continued…

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