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“I was at war with my body”

At 66, Isabelle Adjani has lost none of her superb. As she plays Marilyn Monroe in The Vertigo Marilyn, at the Théâtre de l’Atelier, the actress confided in complete transparency about the relationship she has with her image. A report much more complicated than it seems…

Questioned by our colleagues from Three colours, the actress returned to her weight gain at the dawn of the 2000s. “ There was a time when I was at war with my body “, she breathes.

Isabelle Adjani cash on her weight gain: “it was a moment of suffering”

And to add: It could no longer exist in the cinema to express an attractive feminine. It was a moment of pain ». A painful period during which Isabelle Adjani, badly in her skin, refused many proposals.

I think I made a sabotaging rejection of the roles I could have done, she explains. As if I were saying: “Don’t come and give me things anymore, I don’t know why I don’t want to do them anymore but I can’t!” Look how I am, you can’t use me like that. »

“Essential” acceptance work

It is finally thanks to the help of a psychoanalyst that Isabelle Adjani will manage to accept herself as she is. “ It was essential “, assures the one who is delighted to see the impact of the body-positive movement on the younger generations.

It relieves me to see young women not go through this self-destruction to say what they want and what they don’t wantshe explains. Me, I’m not from a generation that allowed me to do it easily “.

Isabelle Adajani not a fan of social networks: “it’s dangerous”

If she is now at peace with herself, there is no question for Isabelle Adjani to stage herself on social networks. ” It is dangerous for people prone to dysmorphia, questioning their identitya phenomenon that mainly affects teenagers “, she warns.

And to conclude: Anything that enhances you in this way, with this artefact, can kill (…) It’s like a libido of life that arrives, and then it ends in priapism. This is freaking me out “.

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