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Iceland and its remarkable waterfalls, my 9 favorites!

In the land of fire and ice, we rub shoulders with some of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world, immensely high, just like waterfalls with tiny streams of water rushing down the hills covered with moss. Some waterfalls in Iceland, however, require more time, because they overlook a spectacular place or because they are of a particularly photogenic unique shape. In addition to the reckless sheep that will get in your way at one point or another, be all fucked up (overfill fuck = fall) is a risk common to the country, but one that should not be missed!

Explore the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

These nine unmissable waterfalls in Iceland are among my favorites mentioned in the Ulysses guide that I wrote. As extraordinary as each other, they are no less lacking in originality, sometimes coiled at the bend of a side road, sometimes located at the end of a hiking trail. In any case, you can be sure that the falls are tourist attractions in their own right in the country!

Here are, in my opinion, the must-see falls in Iceland.


One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland, Dynjandífoss has several levels as well as modest neighbors where rainbows have a blast. Despite the uneven rocks, the climb to its top is relatively easy. The fjord below is majestic.

Dynjandifoss Waterfall - Westfjords - Iceland Dynjandifoss Waterfall - Westfjords - Iceland Dynjandifoss Waterfall - Westfjords - Iceland


Upon the adoption of Christianity in Iceland in the year 1000, the law-teller, Þorgeir Þorkelsson, threw his statues of Norse gods down from what has been called since the fall of the gods, or Goðafoss. Often visited only from the parking lot side, Godafoss offers a different perspective of the other side (cross the bridge near the road for a short walk).

Godafoss, the queen of Iceland's waterfalls

Dettifoss and Sellfoss

A short walk leads to the falls less than a mile apart, of which Dettifoss is the most striking. Unmarked trails offer a bird’s eye view. I highly recommend a raincoat and good shoes as the rocks are slippery and you get splashed all over the place. Selfoss is less crowded and more unassuming, but it isn’t spectacular to say the least, especially at sunset or when the mist sets in.

Dettifoss and Selfoss, north of Ring RoadDettifoss and Selfoss Falls - What to see in northern Iceland? Dettifoss and Selfoss Falls - What to see in northern Iceland?


Larger and more powerful than Skógafoss, however, that’s not what draws hordes of visitors to Seljalandsfoss. Unlike the other falls, you can walk behind the water curtain here and admire the sunrise or the rainbows in a new light, provided you have a good raincoat. . The more adventurous will continue their walk until the fall Gljufrabui, hidden in the hollow of a canyon.


A few hundred meters from Iceland’s most photographed spot, Kirkjufellfoss takes its name from the famous mountain it neighbors. It also allows excellent photo opportunities with the latter in the background.


Often one of the only waterfalls that busy visitors see in Iceland, Gullfoss can be found right in the middle of the Golden Circle, very close to Reykjavik. In the shape of a triangle, it advances towards the observation platforms and can also be walked along. It is a masterpiece of nature and as a first glance at the strength of Icelandic water, let me tell you, I was not disappointed!

Golden Circle - Gullfoss WaterfallGolden Circle Gullfoss Waterfall - What to do in Iceland? Golden Circle Gullfoss Waterfall - What to do in Iceland?


The narrow Svartifoss waterfall is famous for the basalt organ that surrounds it and creates a highly photogenic background. You can reach it in 45 minutes of hiking on a path laid out with some stairs and, unfortunately, sometimes a little mud. A bridge offers an interesting overview.

Photo of Svartifoss - must-see waterfall in Iceland by Lucie Bataille

Photo: Lucie Bataille

Photo of Svartifoss - must-see waterfall in Iceland by Lucie Bataille

Photo: Lucie Bataille


One of the most popular waterfalls in the country, you approach Skógafoss via a small gravel beach (too much?) Near the parking lot. It is also possible to take a wooden staircase to dominate it. I must be frank, however, the charm is broken by the presence of many tourist coaches, as in many places in the south of the country. Try to get there very early or very late in the day.

South West - Skógafoss
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Skogafoss Falls - South Iceland

It’s hard to believe that we can sometimes get tired of such attractions given their large number, isn’t it? You will see, after a few days, they will become a gag in the car! That certainly doesn’t mean they should be omitted, as Iceland’s Falls turn out to be some of the most beautiful in the world, IMHO.

Have you ever taken a trip to Iceland? Which falls did you like the most?

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9 must-see waterfalls in Iceland 9 must-see waterfalls in Iceland

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