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If you’re 50, these 4 denim trends are the ones that will revitalize your style!

Ladies, as the hottest style experts rush to attend the fashion shows of the Fashion Week 2022, it is time for those who wish, to follow in their footsteps. Not by taking a one-way ticket – without return – to New York, but by taking inspiration from their looks. Whether they have 20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old, or even more than 50 years old, these journalists, stylists and other fashion aficionados experiment each season with new ways to appropriate the basics of the wardrobe in order to thwart the laws of gravity. And here is what pieces they throw their dice with.

What are the fashion trends to adopt in 2022 to have a lot of style after 50?

In this month of February, it would seem that the pioneers of the style essentially swear by the jeans. A trend confirmed by the search engine Stylight which reveals the identity of denim pieces unanimously on google since 1er January 2022 until February 7. What comes out of it? the total denim look supplants its opponents to become the leading trend of the moment. And here are the 4 coins to bet on.

denim jumpsuits (+81% increase in clicks)

Alter ego of the overalls appreciated in summer, the combination in jeans -or catsuit for close friends- is the stylistic reference for seasoned fashionistas. Its competitive advantage? The denim jumpsuit unites two pieces to become one, and allows you to highlight the waist by bending it. In addition, its slender effect gives the impression of refining and lengthening the silhouette of the wearer. To wear it? After the age of 50, having audacity as a watchword is essential to show that you have style assurance. In order to modernize the look of a denim jumpsuitthe idea is to adjust it with a wide belt, to roll up the sleeves and the hems to subtly release the wrists and ankles.

denim shirts (+33% increase in clicks)

On Google, searches for denim shirts continue to increase, and we understand why. Thicker than a classic shirt, and lighter than an overshirt, the denim shirt is ideal for women who want affirm their style without catching cold. The little extra that matches? Hide the bottom of the denim shirt in trouser size for look tallerand all the more so if it is a question of jeans.

The jeans (+29% increase in clicks)

With authentic charm, the denim pants continues to maintain the flame with the women of all ages, whatever their style. For those who would be interested, there is indeed a cut of jeans that refines the silhouette more than the others. Her name ? the flared jeansrecognizable by its tapered lines starting from the top of the thighs to the knees, which then flare out to the ankles.

denim jackets (+18% increase in clicks)

If the notoriety of the bomber takes off to land in the book of fashion trends, it is the same for the denim jacket, whose research continues to increase on the Internet. Patchwork effect, topstitched or very soberly stylized, the denim jacket remains a great classic, inexhaustible. Whether or not you’re 50, we don’t hesitate to turn to original versions, designed to modernize all dressing rooms.

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