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In panties, Emily Ratajkowski and Julia Fox launch a fashion trend

At the turn of summer, and faced with the rising degrees scorchingcelebrities do not ignore their style, and do raise the temperature thanks to stylistic attributes for the less familiar. The common thread of their fashion wardrobe? The lingerieand more particularly the cheeky with which a handful of stars flirt with the sexy, without ever tipping over into vulgarity. A tendency double-edged, dividing the modosphere as well as rallying it for better and for style.

In panties and bra at the supermarket, Julia Fox caused a sensation

This May 15, 2022, the former companion of Kanye West and worthy heiress of Kim Kardashian, made an appointment with a photo call improvised to a sLos Angeles supermarket. Under the blazing California sun, the 32-year-old American actress claimed to wear underwear bottoms which then shed her modest image: the cheeky that Julia Fox coordinated with a black bra with white elastic sportswear.

A set intimates unconventional, refreshing the silhouette of the star who is not cold in the eyes. To divert attention and give credibility to its total denim look, Julia Fox diverted jeans from their primary function to the point of carrying them at arm’s length into a reissued handbag. A new way to approach these pants, with a reminder of the fabric, an Alexander Wang branded denim blazer, and a pair of denim heeled boots as well.

An outfit as a pretext to escape the hot flashes, and to attract attention to make Julia Fox’s creative genius speak through her looks. In the city, but not only, underwear looks great on social networks, and sheds all prejudice to claim their wearing, no matter when. Proof of this is with the video posted by Emily Ratajkowski the day after the events.

In panties, Emily Ratajkowski dances in front of her 1 year old son

A year ago to the day, in May 2021, our Fashion Journalist praised a fashion trend becoming, the male underwearand more specifically the boxer shorts. This May 16, 2022, Emily Ratajkowski published a video of her “ morning routine as she captioned it under her Instagram post, capturing a brief morning dance sequence in underpantsin front of his 1-year-old son, Sylvester Apollo Bear-McClard.

A moment of complicity with her little boy, through a rhythmic sway to the sound of How Deep Is Your Love of Calvin Harris captured at dusk. To generate clicks? Certainly to contribute to the revaluation of women’s conditions in all simplicity, since Emily Ratajkowski has always expressed herself on her relation to the bodyas in his first book MyBody.

To start her day, the 30-year-old model wore a cropped sweatshirt, and played the daring card with a male briefs in the shape of a Y signed HommeGirls, as if drawn from the masculine wardrobe of her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. A collection that enhances non-gendered clothing, and that forges strong ties with those who dictate fashion. A stylistic detail echoing the spring-summer 2022 campaign of the trainer brand Superga, which puts @Emrata in the spotlight.

Her outfit ? Probably the same, composed of a burgundy hoodie, and a cheeky at pace athleisure highlighting the length of her legs, thus participating in decomplex our relationship to lingerie. In the same line, the trio of party girls the most bankable of the moment, honored the same trend.

In underwear, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber approve of the fashion trend

It was at the Met Gala 2022 after party that the most prominent models of our generation took advantage of this very select to show off their clothing range saving some fabric. Although all three were dressed in lingerie, it was none other than Kendall Jenner who stood out, molded in a Miu Miu outfit revealing her cheeky silk and black lace logo to match her bra.

The fashion trick for wearing underwear in town

After the string of the 2000s reappropriated by the trendiest women last year, the boxer and the men’s briefsand now the cheeky…There is no doubt that underwear worn in town will not be controversial for many years to come. To forge links with this daring fashion trend, the best advice we could give you would be to mix these intimate pieces with much more dressy clothes to create a style effect.

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