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ingredients to cut out of your routine

Your friends with straight hair might all be telling you that they’re jealous of your hair. But only you know how difficult it is to maintain curly and frizzy hair.

Whether it’s the daily routine that lasts several minutes, even hours, the locks that wander in all directions or even frizz that never seem to go away no matter how hard you try… While textured hair is gorgeous, looking after it is a constant stress for even the most savvy stylist.

Many factors can conspire to make curls difficult to manage. Whether knots, overflow volume, from dry hair to just massive frizz from the humidity, curly hair issues can frustrate you so much that you’d do anything to stop worrying about it.

These harmful ingredients for curly or frizzy hair

However, the solution very often lies in the products we use on our hair. These generally contain a lot of products that are harmful to the health of our hair, but also of our scalp. So learning to spot the bad ingredients can be a big step forward in terms of maintaining your hair and will help you avoid many hassles.

Indeed, healthy, quality hair products are just as relevant for the scalp and hair as healthy foods are for the body. Some problems you encounter, such as breakage, dryness and dandruff, will be reduced when you switch products. All you have to do to avoid disaster is to read this article to know the most harmful components in your daily hair routine.

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