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Is it better to put on deodorant in the morning or in the evening to eliminate odors?

For many, the deodorant step has become absolutely essential. It must be said that to keep armpits fresh throughout the day, this product has no equal!

Odors and perspiration: an effective deodorant, please!

Roll-on, spray, balm… Everyone has their own preferences in terms of deodorant! One thing is certain – whatever its specificities – we want it to be efficient and capable of limiting perspiration, like odours!

But did you know that the choice of your deodorant does not only depend on its effectiveness? Yes, the way you apply it also has a role to play…

It’s a fact, the choices of application of this product have an impact on its performance throughout the day. But then, is it better to use your deodorant in the evening before going to bed or in the morning when you wake up to eliminate odors effectively? The verdict is in!

Applying your deodorant in the evening, the best option

Although we are generally used to applying deodorant in the morning, before starting the day, some studies suggest that this is not the best habit to adopt! You will have understood: an application in the evening is still to be preferred, especially when it comes to an antiperspirant.

This theory is shared by the American dermatologist Maral Skelsey, who also states in the lines of the magazine Well and Good : “ It is not necessary to use deodorant every day, and it is especially preferable to put it on before going to bed ».

Indeed, by applying your deodorant in the evening – after taking a good bath or shower – you will boost the performance of the product the next day. And this, even in the event of a shower in the morning.

And for good reason, for a deodorant to be truly effective, it is best to apply it to clean, dry skin. At night, the sudoripal glands (those that secrete sweat) are less active and the product is thus better absorbed… Which allows it to maximize its effects!

It is up to the expert to specify: Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that the body absorbs to form a plug in the sweat glands. It takes a bit of time for this little plug to form and it is therefore interesting to leave the product to act overnight to fully benefit from its effects the next morning”.

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