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it is the cut of jeans that refines and lengthens the morphology the most

Because it passes from generation to generation, the jeans is the ultimate fashion investment in which each individual finds himself. Whether for the exemplary comfort that these pants promise, for the freedom of movement that they provide, or simply for their vintage look, the jeans is the centerpiece that completes any dressing room. And before the fashion lesson begins, let’s answer an existential question. Yes the jeans does take an “s”, so as not to be confused with the material bearing the same name.

Slimming: flare jeans are the cut of pants that refines the silhouette the most

Just like dresses, skirts, or shorts, pants also have a category that values ​​morphology more than other cuts. This is the case of flared jeans, long stored in the fashion wardrobe of the 1970s, which is finally pushing the doors of fashion trends for more than two years now. A comeback which is not without reason, since the flared jeans ticks all the right boxes to become the number one object of desire. What makes its absolute charm? Its tapered lines that fit from the top of the thigh to the knee, then flare out on the rest of the leg more than its predecessor, the bootcut jeans.

This added value, fashionistas have understood. From the German Caroline Daur, to the Scandinavian Emili Sindlev via the American Brittany Xavier… The flared jeans is on all fronts, and the front row like during the last Copenhagen Fashion Week which was held at the beginning of February. If these flared pants seduce all walks of life, they primarily enhance the morphologies in A, V, O and H, with a special mention that in V, which is recognized by shoulders wider than the hips. And for good reason, flare jeans help balance the silhouette by providing additional volume at the ankles. Enough to draw a dream silhouette for women who find themselves in these morphological signatures.

Our other tips? Those with flat buttocks and wide hips will avoid high-waisted jeans that flatten these body parts and instead opt for slightly flared flare jeans. Conversely, fashionistas who have round buttocks will opt for high-waisted flare jeans without pockets, to avoid thickening the buttocks. Now let’s get to the practical exercise.

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