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it is the sweater cut that refines the silhouette better than the others

Accustomed to passages in fitting rooms as well as detailed analyzes of fashion trendsthe editorial team never misses an opportunity to raise the clothing cuts which most sublimate the silhouette. Recently, it was the turn of skirts, dresses, pants and more specifically jeans to be sifted to detect the cut that refines and lengthens pace more than the others. This time, the interest of our Fashion Journalist is focused on the star garment of winter, the sweater. Because it must be recognized that finding the ideal knit is sometimes and almost impossible. Fortunately, the word impossible is a term that we do not know. Proof of this is with the identity statement of the ideal sweater fit.

Slimming: the criteria for choosing a sweater that enhances its morphology

What are the criteria for finding the perfect sweater? What details should you pay attention to first? So many questions to which we answer so that you can anticipate your research and know the particularities of the sweater shape which is suitable for all morphologies. Demonstrations.

First, the choice of low-cut is essential since its indentation will determine the rewarding potential of the sweater. More tendencywe retain the trucker collar whose zipper can be unzipped in order to reproduce a deep neckline, highly sensual. But far ahead, it is none other than the V-neck identifiable by a V-shaped indentation which turns out to be the most suitable to all body typesand breasts.

On the sidelines, the material of the sweater is also an element to take into consideration, since some thicken more than the others the silhouette. This is particularly the case for thick wools and chunky knits, which are gladly traded for cashmereor of the fine wool since in addition to not adding additional volume to our morphology, the latter keeps warm thanks to its thermal insulation capacity which allows it to trap around 80% of air and act as a barrier to the cold.

On the color side, it is recommended to give up pop tones which draw more attention to them, such as green, yellow, orange and pink, and to prefer dark shades, and carmine redknown as the color that slims the most (and even more so than black). Our conclusion? Your quest for the perfect sweater will go through a dark-coloured, fine-knit or cashmere V-neck knit.

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