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“It wasn’t pretty”

Good in his skin and in his head. This Monday, April 11, Valérie Damidot took advantage of an interview with Gala to mention “ passing time “. A situation that does not worry the WW ambassador in the least, who, if she wishes to lose a few kilos ” to feel good “, has no intention of turning to the scalpel.

“The idea of ​​having a frozen forehead, it gives me a headache!she quips. Me, I have wrinkles, the skin is a little wrinkled on the neck, but I don’t feel like it at all”. However, the presenter readily admits that she has already had cosmetic surgery in the past.

Valérie Damidot had cosmetic surgery “after the birth of her son”

“A few years after the birth of [son] son “, Valérie Damidot, then complexed by her “drooping belly” decided to call a surgeon to remedy.

“It wasn’t pretty. she breathes. I did a kind of liposuction to tighten the skin “. No question, however, for the facilitator to offer new interventions.

These “real aesthetic medicines” recommended by the host

And to elaborate on his point: “It freaks me out (…) I have seen girlfriends suffer”, especially after undergoing breast augmentation. “I’m lucky they don’t fall too much”, she says humorously.

Today, Roxane and Norman’s mother prefers to turn to “the real aesthetic medicines for the skin, soft things, massages, oils, creams” what “adore” simply.

However, there is no question of making women feel guilty who wish to turn to surgery or botox.If it’s a real complex, go for it girls, if you feel better, great! », concludes the one who, after having long been the victim of grossophobia, seems more fulfilled than ever.

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