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it’s the color of clothes that slims more than black (and red)!

While the predictions were between white known to thicken the silhouette, and black to refine it, it seems that the dice have been cast otherwise, since this dark shade would not be the most rewarding when you want to appear slimmer.

And for good reason, numerous studies and experiments carried out by stylists – as well as the fashion editor Marie France – lead to the same conclusion: black is no longer the number one color of clothes to favor. Just as the chromatic palettes which bring together the different shades of brown, gray and blue are being supplanted by the same opponent, a color as flattering as it is trendy in 2022.

Purple is the color of clothes that slims more than black

Although we come back to carmine red at the start of the season, our fashion radar this time flashes on a “new” color, which now has the reputation of being in the classification of clothing colors that slim down, more than their rivals. From now on, it will be necessary to rely on purple, and more particularly the color plum, to give the impression of having lost weight to have passed through the box diet.

A shade that comes at the right time, since the star color of 2022 according to the Pantone color chart, is none other than Very Peri. In other words, a soft contraction of blues and red-violet. What to combine the different tones which are positioned in this same valuing colorimetric classification. But that’s not all. In addition to symbolizing perfect elegance thanks to its dominant hot and cold, the purple-plum ensures a confident outfit, ideal for showing that you are feels good in her body.

On the styling side, the purple is carried in priority by key so that the magic operates. We think for example of putting on a plum pencil skirt, with an ecru turtleneck sweater, a pair of semi-opaque polka-dot tights and black high boots. A perfect stylistic combo that brings together the necessary ingredients to create the perfect sartorial cocktail.

Another option is to play the monochrome look card. That is, wearing purple clothes from head to toe in a way that creates the illusion, as well as a certain uniformity to make you look slimmer. The secret ? Always opt for deep purple, and bet on clothes that highlight the body shapes such as flared pants -flare or bootcut-, a semi-unbuttoned shirt, sophisticated platform shoes, as well as a blazer or a woolen bathrobe coat.

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