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it’s the cut of jeans that takes power in February 2022

To anticipate the arrival of spring, the landing of the Fashion Weekk de Paris or simply to complete your wardrobe for the month of February, it is indisputable to get the number one enemy of the flare pants which it looks so much like: the wide theg. A highly rewarding cut, which has long been forgotten in favor of other flared pants. Now ready to reclaim the fashion sphere, the wide leg pantsliterally “wide leg” testifies to a surge of clicks on the Internet, and slips to the top of the list of top searches on google according to our analyses. What explains this reversal of strength? Full box for the chain of stores BershkaZara’s little sister who hits hard with her collection of wide leg pants declined from every angle so as to correspond to the style of all those thirsty for fashion.

Wide leg pants: this is the most popular cut of jeans in February 2022

Sometimes casual, sometimes chic, the Bershk wide leg trouserswas unanimous. We love it for its practical aspect, both comfortable and punctuated by a look that advocates not being fussy. We also love it for its cut oversized which flares from the underside of the buttocks starting from the hips to the ankles. On the sidelines, its marked waist ensures it to be one of the cuts of jeans that enhances the morphology the most and which considerably lengthens the legs. A striking trompe-l’oeil whose potential does not fail to challenge new generations of fashionistas, but also women aged 30, 40, 50 and over who want to feel good, while being trendy.

With darts, cargo, or simply jeans style, the wide leg pants open up the fields of possibilities. All in all, it would seem from the statics that the interest of the general public is more focused on pants Bershka beige, black, pink and khaki.

How to wear wide leg pants?

Several teams of stylists are divided in terms of indicating how to wear flared pants. On the front line, followers of the tailoring style can adopt the wide leg in tailored trousers and match it with an elegant blazer as desired. In the background, fervent admirers of the style sportswear can adopt their wide leg with New Balance 327 sneakers (at the height of the trend), an aviator jacket and a turtleneck to temper the whole. As for the faithful to the comfy post, our Fashion Journalist advises you to grab a pair of UGGs, and a fleece jacket as discussed this month, to affirm a more comfortable outfit than expected. . In this case, choose a wide leg pants with pleats to inject a classy back with ease.

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