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Letizia of Spain assumes her white hair alongside Prince Charles

On Tuesday April 5, 2022, Prince Charles and Letizia of Spain met during the visit to Auckland Castle, in the north-east of England. If the warm welcome reserved by the son of Queen Elizabeth II to the wife of King Felipe did not escape the photographers, what about the beauty of the sovereign?

Letizia from Spain still assumes her white hair as well

Sublime in a burgundy red dress matching her pumps, the latter had raised her hair in a half-ponytail. This vintage hairstyle revealed a few white hairs, always so well assumed by the monarch!

This is not the first time that the wife of Felipe VI has sported hair with silver highlights. She even made it her signature! When it is detached, the hair of Letizia of Spain reveals long gray locks which make her charm and without which we no longer imagine her.

Fashion and beauty icon

At 49, Letizia Ortiz does not color her hair and her naturalness is regularly praised by the general public.

It is clear that at each of her appearances, the Spanish sovereign causes a sensation! A fashion and beauty icon, she never fails to dazzle, inspire and uninhibit!

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