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Lily Collins dresses in a men’s suit and revives this fashion trend

Accustomed to walking the red carpet in Evening dress stunning, celebrities, like the stars of social networks, thwart the laws of gravity and change the situation. Now the time has come for the suit for man to democratize, facing the prerogative of women subscribers to all successes. In the lead? None other than the radiant Lily Collinswho on March 22 honored with his presence the event orchestrated by the house Ralph Lauren who had dressed her for the occasion.

Lily Collins: in a men’s suit, the star is relaunching a fashion trend

It’s molded in a suit for man signed by the American brand that the young woman, accompanied by her husband Charlie McDowell, turned stylistic codes upside down, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A “date” as the caption on Instagram the daughter of Phil Collinsready to once again give credibility to this masculine garment in the wardrobe of the opposite sex.

Bow tie, shirt buttoned on the right as are customary for men’s shirts, jacket and black pants coordinated, the three-piece suit worn by Lily Collins proves that this initially masculine evening outfit can juggle even on female silhouettes, and suit them all as well. A sartorial similarity which reminds us of the look sported by Zendaya at the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony in Beverly Hills, organized by Vanity Fair on March 28.

Zendaya: sublime in a suit, inspired by a men’s suit

For her part, the American actress and star ofEuphoria took the opportunity to profile themselves in a tailor perfectly fitted black, from the Sportmax fall-winter 2022 collection. At his neck, a tie in black leather, to emphasize his magenta shirt, a bold shouldered blazer with a marked waist, and flared darted trousers. The whole thing, hair slicked back to accentuate a masculine touch. A successful gamble, since just like Lily Collins, Zendaya dazzled the crowd with her presence.

Tailor or suit: what’s the difference?

Symbolically, the invention of the suit-tailor is associated with the Englishman John Redfern, who would have made it around 1870. Moreover, much more than a simple garment, the tailor delivers a message. From its beginnings, it contributes to liberate women stylistic convections, hitherto conditioned to dresses and corsets. If it is aimed at the fairer sex, the tailor historically consists of a matching blazer and pants. In the 18th century, this two-piece garment met criteria of practicality, and borrowed certain codes from the male wardrobe, such as collars, buttons, pockets and trousers to claim theequality between men and women. Chanel, Lanvin, Patou and Lelong reinterpreted this classic and gave it credibility on the front of the Couture scene from the 1930s. Dior followed with the mythical Bar suit from its collection new look in 1947, then Saint Laurent and the first trouser suit in 1967 or even Jean Paul Gaultier during his career.

For his part, the suit is more dedicated to men. Before him, the double-breasted suit and the casual suit, reinstated by the Duke of Kent with an even longer cut, were eclipsed at the end of the Second World War in favor of the single-breasted suit, which was very easy to produce in mass. Subsequently, the three-piece suit is essential. It comes in a jacket -or men’s waistcoat-, a suit jacket and trousers, all matching to create a certain harmony. Time has done its work, so that today the genres merge and the clothes are aimed at the different sexes.

Masculine inspirations in the women’s wardrobe

More and more celebrities are helping to eclipse stereotypes and recodify stylistic rules. From Harry Styles to Billie Eilish via Billy Porter but also Christine and the Queens… Both men and women, placed in the spotlight, confuse genres to become one. Fashion for everyone, and that’s what feels good.

On social networks, and especially Instagram, more and more fashionistas are injecting a dose of masculinity into their daily outfits. This is the case of the Spanish stylist Maria Bernad who rarely misses an opportunity to swap a denim jacket for a man’s waistcoat, a shirt and a tie. A perfect match with the fashionista Sofia Coelhowho is also experimenting with her style, waltzing around with shirts and ties to introduce them to looks sportswear. A fashion trend, which she shares with her sidekick @Irisloveunicorns, who is also addicted to mixing genres and styles. So thanks.

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