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low-rise jeans will be the most worn denim profile in the world

While paris fashion week just ended, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to meet the fashion trends who stood out there. Among them, the micro skirt of course, spotted during the parade miu miu fall-winter 2022-2023 but also spring-summer 2022, just like the high socks, voted big winners.

All in all, the attraction of designers and fashion designers this season has obviously been to recapture the Jeans and not just any. The one that punctuated the swaying of women in the 2000s, which is none other than the baggy.

Low-rise jeans: the fashion trend will be unanimous in spring 2022

Recognizable by its small sizeits wide cut and its ultra-cool quickdraw, this cut of jeans is gaining ground to become the one that will mold all body types between now and the arrival of fine weather. And contrary to ideas, the baggy suitable for all silhouettes. No matter our size or the morphological signature to which we belong, low rise jeansis for all women. The trick being, knowing how to wear it for balance your figure.

When you’re small, the best alternative to sporting a Low waist jeans is to associate it with heels: strappy sandals, colorful mules, Slingbacks, but to avoid flat shoes and trainers at all costs. dad shoes. Moreover, it is advisable not to wear long and wide clothing tops with a baggy when you measure less than 1m60.

On the other hand, if you have wide hips, the idea will be to rebalance the silhouette bringing volume to the bust. Thus, if one is cut in A, one avoids wearing low-waisted jeans with cropped tops which will accentuate the thickness at the level of the pants. Conversely, we bet on tops with shoulder pads, a blazer type jacket, favoring fluid and light materials. The whole, by favoring the shoes with heels.

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