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match your sunglasses to your makeup

If before, matching your makeup to your outfit could be seen as outdated, even corny, today, the trends have changed a lot. Our makeup habits have evolved and now the most popular fashionistas of the moment have (re)adopted this forgotten fashion. Matching her eye make-up, complexion or even her mouth to her clothes is again very popular. But how to adopt this beauty trend with style and without missteps? We take stock.

To succeed the perfect match between your look and your make-up, we advise you to add a touch of color to your outfit with the help of an accessory. It can be a belt, a scarf, a pair of shoes or even sunglasses… Convinced ? We immediately share with you the 11 biggest makeup trends for summer 2022 which can match perfectly with your pair of sunglasses. And for the occasion, we had fun with the new Signature Krys sunglasses. This season, the brand offers lots of different frames and brightens up our summer. Classic, sophisticated, colorful… there’s something for everyone!

Trendy women’s sunglasses 2022: Mix & Match sunglasses and makeup

1 – Gloss

The glossy mouth is more trendy than ever. Finish the mask! So inevitably, we take pleasure again in making up our lips. And to match each of our eyeshadows, we put on a transparent gloss. THE product matches perfectly with this adorable 90s style frame in pink plexiglass.

19€ on krys.com

2 – Pearlescent

The transparent frame of this pair of sunglasses reveals the pearly shades of our highlighter. For the perfect result, we recommend using a light complexion highlighter with cool reflections. Apply to the top of the cheekbones, eyelids, tip of the nose and Cupid’s bow.

49€ on krys.com

3 – A pop blush

This summer, we will wear pop and colorful blushes. We will dare pink or even peach to bring a sparkling touch to our look. Two colors that will go very well with this feminine and summery frame. In plexiglass, the tint of these glasses degrades from pink to pale orange to match all our tangy summer desires.

29€ on krys.com

4 – A graphic eyeliner

We don’t wear our glasses on the tip of our noses all day; so let’s think about making up our eyes for maximum effect when we wear them around our necks, on our fancy glasses chain. To match this sublime pair of “butterfly” sunglasses, we take the time to make up our eyes with a graphic eyeliner. A reminder of the shape of the frame that will not go unnoticed!

19€ on krys.com

5 – Poppy lips

With the arrival of sunny days, we go from nude to red! The big trend of this summer 2022? Lipstick in poppy shade. A beautiful luminous red that pulls towards orange. This is THE shade that will highlight brunettes in particular. Finally, to finish the look, we love this frame with warm shades.

49€ on krys.com

6. Go green!

You couldn’t miss it. It is THE color that is all the rage in fashion. Green is also invited this summer in our make-up bag. And good news, this trend is suitable for all women. Green suits all irises. So there’s no reason not to try it… especially since a cat eye frame with a reinforcement on the brow bone can only enhance the colored make-up.

49€ on krys.com

7. A glowing complexion

From the moment the heat returns, we favor lighter and cooler complexion make-up. For a “healthy glow” effect, the secret is to choose products with a slightly iridescent finish. Instantly, our skin is luminous and glowing as we like. A discreet make-up that will go perfectly with nude sunglasses. This rounded frame with 70’s accents, which mixes acetate and metal, will highlight a fresh and glowing complexion.

69€ on krys.com

8. Blue eyeshadow

It’s the return of the trends of the 2000s. Among those we can’t miss: blue eyeshadow. This summer, we make up our eyes with a luminous royal blue. The must to best bring out this shade? Combine it with a pair of sunglasses incorporating a hint of yellow, in shades for more subtlety.

19€ on krys.com

9. Glitter

Who says “summer” says “festival season”. If you appreciate the festive atmosphere of this kind of event, you will inevitably fall for the trend of glitter makeup. Whether you wear them at eye, cheek or mouth level, bet on a pair of glasses with round lenses.

49€ on krys.com

10. A brow lift

The trend is natural. And to enhance our eyebrow line and make it even more wow without makeup, we treat ourselves to a brow lift. A technique that fixes our eyebrows upwards… and it doesn’t move! We then put on a fine gold frame and smoked lenses to perfectly highlight our brow lift.

29€ on krys.com

11. Orange!

In summer, we like to make up our eyes with more pop colors. the orange is one of our favourites. A sparkling shade that will go perfectly with this frame of pink sunglasses with a hexagonal shape. For a total look, it will go perfectly with a trendy mini bag in acid colors.

69€ on krys.com

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