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military boots are the trendiest shoes that slim the figure the most

No offense to some, fashion is just an eternal restart. From moccasins drawn from the wardrobe of the 1970s, to derbies, through the timeless platform sneakers straight out of this era Sex Pistols... These star shoes have made their way to experience a new moment of glory by touching the new generation of fashionistas. However, it is clear that on the margins of the Fashion Week 2022 New Yorker and close to the parisian fashion weeke to be held at the end of the month, style experts advocate the return of a pair of flat shoes for slender their silhouette.

Slimming: military boots, the shoes that refine the legs the most

Enhanced by a smooth or notched XXL sole, and generally tied with laces, the military boots rise in rank to become a legion again. In any case, this is the observation made by our Fashion Journalist when noting the fashion trends emerging in February. Because if the combat boots are the flat shoes what fashionistas have chosen for look so much slimmer without wearing heels, these flat shoes had to fight a stylistic war to make their fashion revolution.

Remember, in 1993, Marc Jacobs, then artistic director of the Perry Ellis house, presented his spring-summer collection which did not win all the votes. The reason ? The models (Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Carla Bruni) wear military boots, paired with flowing dresses and cargo pants. An exemplary audacity which nevertheless cost the creator his job, for having reconsidered the codes of luxury by merging with different styles.

All in all, in 2022, the military rangers are once again becoming the favorites of the brands which are reappropriating them in turn. Adorned with nylon pockets by Prada, equipped with a tongue and colored soles by Bottega Veneta or covered in rubber on the side of Chloethe boots and the ranger boots are the safe bet for women who want to look good. Of all the fantasies, it is none other than their cumbersome appearance that makes their flat shoes the most appropriate for women who want slim and lengthen their legs without the fuss.

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