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mineral or chemical, which one to choose for summer 2022?

Every year you choose your sunscreen at random ? As long as she has a high SPF after all, they look alike. Nay, all the sun creams do not have the same protection nor the same composition. We differentiate between sun creams chemical filter from those to mineral filter.

If the purpose is the same: protect the skin from the sun’s rays, also limit the risk of skin cancer, some are more recommended than others for different skin types. Are you lost in the face of the choices available on the shelves? Composition, effectiveness… We explain the difference between the two types of sunscreen to help you make an informed choice this summer.

Sunscreen: mineral or chemical, what’s the difference?

A mineral sunscreen consists of mineral UV filters obtained from zinc dioxide or titanium dioxide. Well, mineral sunscreens can be found in the organic shelves. The best are mineral sunscreens without nanoparticles and without chemical filters.

Luc Lefeuvre, Research & Development Director of Uriage Laboratories, explains to Cosmopolitan that “A suncare composition, whether made with natural ingredients or with synthetic ingredients, is always “chemical””. Indeed, a sunscreen is a mixture with water, water-soluble substances, oils and fat-soluble substances but also sunscreens for UV rays.

What are the most effective sunscreens?

The data that is most important when choosing your sunscreen is the protection factor. It doesn’t matter whether it is mineral or chemical as long as it blocks the sun’s rays.

The filters of a chemical sunscreen will be absorbed by the epidermis in order to capture UV rays more than the skin.

In the case of mineral cream, the filters remain on the surface of the skin and play the role of a mirror that reflects UV rays.

Which sunscreen to choose according to your skin type?

For sensitive skin, it is always advisable to take a mineral sunscreen containing much less allergens. Their formulation often reduces skin reactions.

Also, chemical filters have the disadvantage of only being effective 30 minutes after application. While a mineral filter will act instantly as a barrier against the sun. This is why we also recommend mineral sunscreens for children.

Regarding creams with specificities against acne or mature for example, there are in both mineral and chemical categories and will be equally effective.

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