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NESCENS The future will be cosmeceuticals!

Cosmeceuticals have innovative formulas with a high concentration of active ingredients. At Nescens, the skincare ranges are the fruit of long years of scientific research.

The brand proudly claims its Swiss origins, guaranteeing innovations in anti-aging skincare and advances in biomedical research. This is why their actions are effective and targeted on spots, wrinkles or imperfections. As the Bio-Identical Rehydrating Serum, recommended as a basic treatment for dehydrated skin.

Morning and evening, a few drops all over the face and neck are enough before applying your daily cream. In a lasting way, wrinkles are reduced, the epidermis is firmed up and the face regains the plump appearance of young skin. And to freshen up his look, the Renewing Gel Mask, Eye Contour, which visibly reduces signs of fatigue and signs of aging. Used 2 to 3 times a week, the look lights up with a new youth thanks to its triple action: concealer, anti-puffiness and anti-wrinkle. Preserving the youth of your skin is a science.

Entrust your beauty to Nescens with complete peace of mind! To find out more, visit: www.3rings.eu/en

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